Capstone #7

I haven’t presented my Capstone to the school, or all the parents yet, but I did present my video to my class.

When I presented to the class it looked pretty good, but I do have to make a few more changes to my script, which means that I have to re-record my entire video! That is the annoying part of doing WeVideo. You may have to re-record a lot, and make lots of changes with the recordings.

Everybody is going to present their presentations to the parents this Friday, and I am very excited that the parents will even get to see my presentation. I hope that people are interested in my topic, and I think people will be interested in it, because fashion is a pretty common thing people like to learn about.

I think that the best part of Capstone was probably researching, because I got to learn so much more about women’s fashion, that I didn’t know about.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!


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