Portfolio Post #1

For my quarterly I got technology. So far It has been pretty good, and also fun!

What we have learned so far is how to stay safe when your using any of the materials used to build/create things. For example, there are 12, “SMS Technology Safety Rules”. A few rules out of the 12 are things like, “Don’t assume you know training before tools” or, “Before using a machine get instruction, get permission, inspect machine”. Because you always, and I mean always want to be safe before using a machine!

Another thing I learned is to work together to solve something. For example we played a game called breakout. Breakout was a team game, and to win you had to find clues to unlock a box and whichever team unlocks the box first wins! But unfortunately no team won, because we couldn’t unlock the box on time.

I’ll give you an update soon as possible, until next time! BYE!

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