Portfolio #6

If you had read my last blog post then you’d know that I am now on my third swich.

To start this swich what I did was I got a rectangular piece of cardboard, and cut it into two pieces. One piece both the pieces were rectangles, but one of the rectangles was slightly smaller then the other.

To build this I cut the smaller rectangle with lines, but the lines didn’t go all the way through… So now you may be wondering then what was the point of cutting lines into the cardboard? Well since I cut lines in it, it was able to bend very easily. And the next thing i did was taped a strip of tinfoil to the edge of the bendy cardboard, and I taped a piece of tinfoil to the bigger piece of cardboard. Then I glued it, but I had to glue it in a certain way to make sure that the bendy cardboard was able to touch the piece of tinfoil on the other cardboard.

Once I was done with that I tested my swich, and guess what… It worked!

Here is what the final thing looked like:


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