Portfolio #10

If you had read my last post then you would know that I have finished designing my flashlight, and now it’s time to make my flashlight come to life!

The first thing yo do was to cut my pipe. I cut my pipe with a saw, and made it the length I wanted. The next step was to cut holes where I wanted the switch to be, and where I wanted the light to be. The hole for the switch was on my pipe, and the hole for the light was on my cap. To cut these holes I used a big machine called a drill press. Once I was done with that, I soldered the wire and the piece that holds the battery together.

Once all those steps were finished It was time to test to see if the light turned on. And guess what… it did!

And since it turned on that meant it was time to be put into my flashlight. So I poked the light through the top, and I poked the switch through the hole, and then I put the tops, and the elbow piece onto it.

And poof! My flashlight was 90% done. It was completely finished because it still needed to be decorated. I decorated it by putting mini Pom Poms onto it to make it look a little prettier.

Final Product…


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