Passion Projects

As you may already know last time I spoke about passion projects, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do photography, or art. But I’ve decided… I’m going to do abstract art!

I will be trying to learn about some of the most famous abstract art pieces in the world! And I will even be creating my own piece of abstract art. I want to learn bout this because I’ve always been interested in art, and art has always been really interesting to me. I will be learning about this by researching on the web, and I go to art classes outside of schools, so I can ask the art teacher their, and I can also ask my dad, because he’s actually an art teacher. For me a success would look like I’ve come through with lots of research, and I have made a piece that I am proud of.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, stay tuned for my next about the research I have been doing, and me making this abstract piece.

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