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Immigration #2

As you might’ve remembered, last time I was here with you, we discussed things like, the person I’m interviewing, some questions, and a couple more things.

I interviewed Edith a few days ago. And as I said in the other post, she has trouble speaking English sometimes. So when I interviewed her, she was stumbling over lots of words. I can’t think of any words from the top of my head, but I had to help her a lot. Also, because of this, when she was answering questions, she wasn’t that descriptive, but we made it work. But also, when I asked her even my most open ended questions, she wasn’t even that open ended! She would also go into topics that weren’t even close to related to the question!

Overall the interview went great! I really enjoyed working with her. My babysitter and I are really close, she’s been babysitting me since I was two. But what I’m trying to say is that, I know A LOT about her, but she was saying things that barely anyone knew about her, which I really enjoyed.

I’m excited to keep going with this project! And tune in for the next post! BYE!

Immigration #1

So far, the immigration project has been going pretty well… I haven’t done much yet, but so far I got somebody to interview, and wrote some questions for them to answer.

To be honest, finding somebody was pretty hard. I asked both my parents if they knew anybody who immigrated to America. They each said no, and I thought I was doomed, and not going to be able to do the project. The next day I came to school, and I told all my friends about the project, and asked if they knew anybody I could interview. Surprisingly, there were a lot of them who said yes, and some of them were immigrants them selves! One of my friends said there babysitter was an immigrant, and that’s when it came to me… My babysitter!!! I totally forgot, she’s from Mexico. So as you can tell, I’m connected to this person because she’s my babysitter.

The person I’m interviewing is named Edith. She is from Mexico, but immigrated to America. She speaks Spanish, and English. She speaks very good English, but sometimes she can’t pronounce certain words like, ” throat” and other things. She still speaks a lot of Spanish. She speaks Spanish with her family, lots of friends, over the phone, and sometime’s when she is calling a doctor or something, she requests for a translator who speaks Spanish. someone who can speak Spanish.

I’m asking her questions I think she’ll be able to answer… For example a few questions I’m asking her is,”Why did you, and your family decide to leave?” Or, “If you still lived in Mexico what do you think it would be like now? And why?” Simple questions like that.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my first immigration blog post. Until next time, bye!

Rocketry Unit Reflection

Building Our Rockets

My group and I worked together to create outstanding rockets! We made two totally different rockets. Our first rocket had a good amount of wait, it was fairly tall, and was different. We chose three foam paper fins a styrofoam ball as our nose cone, and a paper body. For our second rocket we used, foam paper, rolled into a nose cone, four cardboard fins, and an average size body. This rocket was definitely heavier than the first.


The Process

First we had to pick a name of our group. That name was, “The Space Grandmas”.  Once we were done with that we had to start a design for what our rocket would look like. We did our design on google drawing, and then we wrote why we chose what on the side of our rocket design. After that we actually started creating our rocket. Once we were all finished with building our rocket we launched it. After the launch we made a slide show with the entire group. Last but not least we created a rocketry reflection. (Which is what i’m doing right now)


Rocket Launch

Our rocket went the highest out of 5 rockets! (Including us, of course) My group and I was super nervous. We were so nervous because we thought our rocket wouldn’t even get off the launch pad, but thankfully it did. At the end we measured an average of 54 degrees. As you might’ve guessed we were all super proud of not just our rocket, but as well as ourselves.


Slide Show

Our slide show was very complicated. We had to make a lot of slides, but we were each assigned our own slides. I was assigned, Designing Rocket #1, Rocket Launch #2, Graph #2, and Reflection on Rocket Unit as a Whole. After we were all done with our assigned slides, we had to do a presentation in front of our parents. That part was very pressuring.


My group faced a lot of struggles. The most common struggle was, disagreeing, and getting into arguments. We argued over materials, pictures, and many more things. Eventually we would take a vote, and as you know, majority wins. Also we went through a lot of trouble on picking our nose cone and fins, but eventually we picked something.


Working Together As A Group

Our group was like a roller coaster. Their were ups and downs but eventually we got through it, and figured it out. I have to say, our group was pretty good for the  most part, but sometimes people would get distracted and leave one person doing all the work. Although we got distracted, eventually we would finish.


Overall  Rocketry Unit

I really enjoyed our rocketry unit. I’m upset that it’s over, and hope to do another fun similar project. My group and I worked very well together. I would definitely want to work with this group again. I really enjoyed this unit and will definitely miss it.

Heres our rocketry slide show, hope you enjoy!