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Capstone Blog Post #3

If you haven’t already read my other capstone blog posts, I recommend doing that so you know where I left off, and you know what Capstone is. But anyways, today I’ll be talking about where I’m at with Capstone.

I have been doing a lot of research lately. Personally I think my topic is easier to research on then others, because there are so many website and books about fashion throughout the years. I have made a mini booklet and that’s where I put all my research. This booklet also lets me keep all my work super organized. It helps keep it organized, because I can make a small section for each of my sub questions. And I have more than enough paper in my booklet.

The next step in my Capstone project is my interview, and site visit. For me finding this was easy because there are so many people who love fashion, and know a lot about it. And also for my site visit that was fairly simple to, because there are plenty of museums, and more than enough stores that I could go to. The person I will be interviewing is named Pam Hochstin. For my site visit I will be visiting the MetroPolitan Museum of art, because they recently opened a fashion exhibit.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Hope you come join me in my next post!

Capstone #2

As you might’ve known from my last blog post, I’m doing a project called, Capstone. In case you don’t know what Capstone is then let me explain. Capstone is this huge project, and you can choose any topic you want to research on. Now that you have had that small recap, I’m going to update you on what I have been doing.

My original topic was, how fashion has changed throughout the century. But then I thought to myself, it needs to sound fancier, because then more people will be interested in it… And then it hit me! The evolution of fashion! It is technically the same thing, but it just sounds fancier, and cooler.

After I did that I had to make a graphic organizer with my main inquiry question, and sub questions. This was pretty hard. I found this hard because I was having trouble with making them related to my main inquiry questions.

Capstone will definitely be a complicated project, but in the end it will be 100% worth it! Hope you tune in on my capstone #3!

Capstone #1

My grade and I are doing a project called, Capstone. I assume you don’t know what Capstone is so let me explain. Capstone is a fun project where students get to pick a topic they’re interested in, research it, make a slideshow, and present it to other people! Oh and I forgot to mention, it’s the biggest project of the year, wait, not just the year… It’s the biggest project you’ll ever do at elementary school!

So the first thing you have to do for this project is find a topic your interested in. Personally for me this was very hard. I mean, I’m interested in lots of things, but did I really want to do them, or is it to hard to research on? I always asked myself this, and some ideas I had was, the history of Netflix, how technology is taking over our world, seeing eye dogs, apple products, and more. And all of a sudden, “WAM!” It hit me right in the head! (Not literally of course) Fashion! I could do it on fashion! But then the problem came, that’s to broad of an idea… It had to be a little more specific… AHAH! How fashion has changed over the century! Perfect!

The next thing I had to do was tell everyone about my amazing idea, and I had to make a poster board, and think of a main question. When I was thinking of a question, I was like, “Oh please… this will be easy to think of a question! I can just add a has to it. Now it is how has fashion changed over the century!” And I thought I was genius. But no… It’s much much harder to think of a question then you would think. I mean, it’s been a week and I still don’t have a main question! Oh, wait, nobody made a question yet… But I’m making a small poster on questions to help me think.

Anyways, if you enjoyed this blog post, you’ll enjoy my next, so tune in next time! BYE!

4th Grade Reflection

Getting The Roots Down

At the beginning of the year, school was very exciting! We worked on fairly simple things. After a few weeks or so, school was cool! My teacher, Mrs. Rickard was telling how many projects and fun/awesome things we would be doing this year. From that moment I knew this year would be awesome!


What We Did This Year

Personally I thought this year was a pretty good year. We did what normal 4th graders do, I mean we did Math, Writing, Reading, Science, and Social Studies.  Honestly I don’t know what it was but I just loved everything we did this year! During Math we did, decimals, rounding, area and perimeter, fractions, and lots more things. During Writing we did, nonfiction writing, poetry, and also biography. In Reading really all we did was read, and book clubs… Then in science we did some land and water experiments, and some Science sheets. Last but not least Social Studies… In social studies we did, really just Colonial America.

Favorite Subject

My favorite subject was probably writing if you couldn’t tell from this blog post. My favorite subject was writing because ever since 1st grade my teachers told me I was an amazing writer, and from then that made me inspired to write more, and well now I just love writing.


Projects We Did This Year

The first project we did during the year was something called a curiosity project. In case you’re wondering a curiosity project is, it is when you pick a topic you wanna research on then make a slideshow in drive. For my topic I did Golden Retrievers. I did Golden Retrievers because i’ve always loved dogs but especially that certain breed, so I figured why not do my project on Golden Retrievers. Another project we did was, Colonial America. Personally I loved this project because I thought researching about this topic was very fascinating. The last project I can remember is making my WeVideo. WeVideo is an app that lets you make these cool videos. I made a PSA about Ocean pollution. Just in case you’re wondering a PSA is a public service announcement.


Favorite Project

My favorite project this year was probably my Ocean PSA. My Ocean PSA was my favorite project because, I think it’s important to keep the Ocean clean. Alos it’s important to let everyone know what is happening to our Oceans when we litter.


Read Aloud

My class and I have read a few books for read aloud. Some books we read were, “Blood On The River”, “Book Scavenger”, “The Tiger Rising”. All those books were amazing! I really did like read aloud. “Blood On The River” was a historical fiction book,  “Book Scavenger” was a mystery book, And “The Tiger Rising” was a fiction book. Those books were some of the best books i’ve ever read.


Favorite Read Aloud

My favorite read aloud was “Book Scavenger”. I like “Book Scavenger” because it was a mystery book and my favorite genre is mystery. I also really like this book because it was very interesting, because a girl named Emily finds a book called “The Gold Bug” and it is a very interesting and strange book. If you wanna find out more read the book!


The End of 4th Grade

Sadly 4th grade is coming to an end. This year was a really great year, and one of the best! I really hope next year will be as good as this year!


Ocean PSA

My class and I have been working on something called WeVideo. WeVideo is an app that lets you make your own movies, videos, and PSA’s. I made a PSA about ocean pollution. Just in case you’re wondering PSA stands for public service announcement. The topics we could do for our PSA’s were, Oceans, Temperate Rainforests, Deserts, Tropical Rainforests, Tundra, and Wetlands.

Making these videos/PSA’s was a very long process. This process involved, researching, writing a script, finding pictures/videos, and, well making the video.

Researching got complicated because I would jot the research I find in my book to my reading notebook and when I was done I would realize I have a lot of the same thing just in different wording.  Believe me, that was really annoying.

After I did my research I started writing my PSA script. What I did to write my script was, go back into my research, see all my facts, and then right something, for example, I would right, Narrator says, Oceans are in danger, or Graphic would be help save the oceans. For most of time I just kept saying narrator, graphic, narrator, graphic. Then as I said next was, finding pictures/videos.

Finding pictures and videos on WeVideo was fairly hard, but then I got introduced to a website called. CC Search. This made finding my pictures so much easier! That made finding pictures so much easier because it was basically finding non copyrighted pictures on google.

When I was finally done with all those steps I started to actually put all those things in the  PSA video. That got kinda hard at the end because I had to make 60 seconds on the dot. That got pretty hard… Belive me.

When I was finished it was all worth it at the end, Hope you enjoy my video!