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Ocean PSA

My class and I have been working on something called WeVideo. WeVideo is an app that lets you make your own movies, videos, and PSA’s. I made a PSA about ocean pollution. Just in case you’re wondering PSA stands for public service announcement. The topics we could do for our PSA’s were, Oceans, Temperate Rainforests, Deserts, Tropical Rainforests, Tundra, and Wetlands.

Making these videos/PSA’s was a very long process. This process involved, researching, writing a script, finding pictures/videos, and, well making the video.

Researching got complicated because I would jot the research I find in my book to my reading notebook and when I was done I would realize I have a lot of the same thing just in different wording.  Believe me, that was really annoying.

After I did my research I started writing my PSA script. What I did to write my script was, go back into my research, see all my facts, and then right something, for example, I would right, Narrator says, Oceans are in danger, or Graphic would be help save the oceans. For most of time I just kept saying narrator, graphic, narrator, graphic. Then as I said next was, finding pictures/videos.

Finding pictures and videos on WeVideo was fairly hard, but then I got introduced to a website called. CC Search. This made finding my pictures so much easier! That made finding pictures so much easier because it was basically finding non copyrighted pictures on google.

When I was finally done with all those steps I started to actually put all those things in the  PSA video. That got kinda hard at the end because I had to make 60 seconds on the dot. That got pretty hard… Belive me.

When I was finished it was all worth it at the end, Hope you enjoy my video!