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Capstone #7

I haven’t presented my Capstone to the school, or all the parents yet, but I did present my video to my class.

When I presented to the class it looked pretty good, but I do have to make a few more changes to my script, which means that I have to re-record my entire video! That is the annoying part of doing WeVideo. You may have to re-record a lot, and make lots of changes with the recordings.

Everybody is going to present their presentations to the parents this Friday, and I am very excited that the parents will even get to see my presentation. I hope that people are interested in my topic, and I think people will be interested in it, because fashion is a pretty common thing people like to learn about.

I think that the best part of Capstone was probably researching, because I got to learn so much more about women’s fashion, that I didn’t know about.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!


Capstone #6

I just finished my WeVideo for Capstone! I have worked on this video for weeks, and I am super happy I am finally finished with it.

Instead of recording my voice for each little clip, I recorded my voice in one. I had to re-record my voice so many times! I would make one small mistake, and then I would have to redo the entire thing! It got really annoying, but I have to admit, it was so worth it in the end when everything is all put together. Also a few weeks ago when I did one voice recording I messed up a lot, but still put it in. I also set up all my pictures with that recording. But today I re-recorded, and it sounds much better, and it wasn’t as hard to put in the pictures and everything, because all of my pictures were already uploaded.

Everybody in our grade will be presenting their Capstone to the school, and the parents. This means that the dead line is Friday. And so if I ever need to make adjustments to my video I still have some time, but the dead line is very soon.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, if you did, come and check it out some other time!

Capstone #5

For my Capstone presentation I will be doing a WeVideo. WeVideo is a website, and app, that lets you create your own video, and you can record you voice into it, put in pictures, and make it a cool little video! One reason why I like WeVideo, is because there are so many cool things you can edit, and adjust, and there are just so many things you can do on it.

I am not done with my video, but I have been working really hard on it! Personally I think that it looks really cool, and I think it will turn out great! So far I have my script, and a little bit of my video done. For my script what I did is I put it on a google doc, print it out, and then I cut the sheet into paragraphs, and glue them to flashcards. I am recording my voice into it. I’m currently recording it by picture, but for my final video I am just going to record everything all at once.

The video is required to be five to six minutes. I think that my video is going to be around five minutes because I have five sub questions, and it would be a minute per question. Also I think that my interview with pam Hocstin really helped, because without her I wouldn’t have known a lot of things that I’m including in my video. For example, I wouldn’t have known that bell bottoms were a really big trend in the nineteen seventies.

My video is coming together really well, and I think and I hope that when I present it to everyone who watches it will enjoy it.

Answering Main Inquiry Question

Have you ever thought, or wondered, What were clothes like in the nineteen hundreds compared to now? Did people back then wear what I wear today? Were there fashion trends back then? Well today I will be answering all of those questions! But personally what I question the most is, how has women’s fashion evolved? And I used this question as my main inquiry question. I have sub questions that will relate to my main inquiry question, to answer my main question.

The first sub question is, how have the designs and styles changed from then, to now? From around the nineteen hundreds to the nineteen sixties the ladies were always dressed very fancy, Just to go to the grocery store. They would wear fancy dresses, high heels, do their hair, and makeup, and after getting all dolled up they would leave for the store. And as fashion has changed over time, the more different the styles became. For example to go to things like the grocery store nowadays, some women choose to do simple errands by wearing more comfortable clothing, rather than fancy. For example people will wear, sweat pants, a hoodie, hair in a messy bun, or down, sneakers, and sometimes makeup. The reason this has changed over time is because people started to change, and ladies started not to care as much about their looks. Even though the looks are very different nowadays there are still similarities for everyday looks. For example women still wear dresses, bags/purses, jackets, makeup, and sometimes high heels, also people really love to accessorize with jewelry. More specifically what they wore then was skirts, skirts went from to the floor, to just above the knees. For hair women would bob their hair, and furry coats were super popular, and sometimes furry dresses. A few of the most popular pieces of clothing were bell bottoms, and blouses were definitely one of the most popular, and trendy types of clothing. There are so, so many more styles of clothes. For example but there are way too many more to say, or explain. But the style now is like, ripped jeans, sweat pants, hoodies, t-shirts, and lots of hair styles. There are many more answers to why the designs and styles have changed, but that is one of the many answers.

The next sub question is, how have the materials/fabrics changed from then to now. From the nineteen thirties, to the nineteen ninety people used a huge variety of materials, used for clothing. Some of the most popular materials, and fabrics they used were, rayon wool, silk, cotton, wool, rayon, denim, linen, cashmere, devor velvets, lycra, fleece, plaid, and stone wash. Those material, and fabrics were usually used for all types of clothes. Nineteen ninety and above, the materials, and fabrics people use to make clothes haven’t changed to much. They use flax, ramie, leather, fur, polyester. The materials and fabrics that are still commonly used are, wool, cotton, silk, denim, and linen. Although the materials, and fabrics haven’t changed to much over the years, the styles have definitely changed!

The third sub question is, how have the prices of clothes changed from then to now? As you would probably expect, the prices of clothes were a lot cheaper than, but another thing you have to ask yourself before you say yes or no, is that are the clothes your buying in better shape then they were than? Or is the clothing people bought then, and the clothing people buy today, worth the money you pay for them? There is no right or wrong answer. Technically this is opinionated. But the prices were definitely cheaper then, then they are today. For example back then the average price of a winter coat was, sixteen dollars. Today the average price of a winter coat is, eighty dollars. That is a sixty four dollar difference, and that is a lot of money, just for a winter coat.

The next sub question is what were some major trends from certain time periods? In the nineteen thirties people loved to stand, and pop out. There was a certain trend that people called, camp. Camp isn’t like a day camp or anything like that… Camp means something crazy, and something that pops out. So from the early nineteen twenties to just around the early nineteen sixties people always dressed camp. Camp outfits were usually, sparkley, or maybe poofy, and some were even made of the craziest things you could think of. For example people made dresses out of coins! Another trend that went on for a very long time were when women wore blouses, with a skirt. One of the favorites that still goes on today are bell bottom pants. I asked Pam Hochstin a fashion, store owner, “What is your favorite fashion trend that has been going on for a very long time, and is still trendy?” Her response to this question was, “Oh, Yes! Bell bottoms have been going around for as long as I can remember, and they still look pretty trendy.”

The final sub question is, has the process of making clothes changed from then, to now? A lot of women back in the day hand sewed their clothes. All they would need to do that is, fabrics, something to measure everything, something to cut the fabrics, a needle, and a thread. Hand sewing is very hard. It is very hard because you need to be sure that if you can see the thread through the fabric that it looks neet, and all the stitches are just about the same length apart. But hand sewing also takes a lot of skill, and practice. After people discovered hand sewing, they discovered knitting. Knitting was founded in the nineteenth century, unlike sewing which was founded over one thousand five hundred years ago! Knitting also requires skill, and practice. Knitting is very different then sewing. But they are both similar in a way. They both require needles. It’s just that knitting needles are much bigger, and wider then sewing needles. Sewing needles are small, and thin. Also knitting needles are usually made out of, wood, plastic, meddle, or a bamboo. The most preferred needles are the ones made from plastic, or wood. Plus you need two needles instead of one. And knitting you make whatever your making, for example a scarf, on the needles. Sewing machines were later founded in eighteen eighty nine. Sewing machines are hard to work sometimes. This is because it’s a lot of steps just to put the thread into the machine, you have to get it through the needle, and all of these complicated things. But then once you have all of the threads, and needles, and everything set up, you place your fabric under the needle and then you step on a button and the machine sews the fabrics together.

I learned that fashion can sometimes describe you as a person, and there are many, many different styles of fashion to choose from. And when you think about it, fashion is still similar from back then, to now, and it is also different in a lot of ways.

Capstone #4

Today in my Capstone blog post I will be talking more about my site visit. And incase you didn’t already know, I went to the MetroPolitan Museum Of Arts, as my site visit.

In the museum there was an entire section just about the camp of fashion! When I say camp, I don’t mean summer camp… Camp means something a little bit crazy, and exciting! But I didn’t know this before we went. I thought it would literally be the evolution of fashion, but I was wrong. It was actually the camp of fashion. The camp of fashion means something sort of like crazy.

I learned a lot about camp fashion! For example I learned that when you dress camp you pop out and wear a kind of crazy outfit. I also learned that camp outfits can be made of all different types of materials, some of the outfits there weren’t even made out of fabric! For example there were outfits made out of money, like coins, and dollar bills!

I haven’t got my interview with Pam Hocstin yet, but I will be doing it soon.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Capstone Blog Post #3

If you haven’t already read my other capstone blog posts, I recommend doing that so you know where I left off, and you know what Capstone is. But anyways, today I’ll be talking about where I’m at with Capstone.

I have been doing a lot of research lately. Personally I think my topic is easier to research on then others, because there are so many website and books about fashion throughout the years. I have made a mini booklet and that’s where I put all my research. This booklet also lets me keep all my work super organized. It helps keep it organized, because I can make a small section for each of my sub questions. And I have more than enough paper in my booklet.

The next step in my Capstone project is my interview, and site visit. For me finding this was easy because there are so many people who love fashion, and know a lot about it. And also for my site visit that was fairly simple to, because there are plenty of museums, and more than enough stores that I could go to. The person I will be interviewing is named Pam Hochstin. For my site visit I will be visiting the MetroPolitan Museum of art, because they recently opened a fashion exhibit.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Hope you come join me in my next post!

Capstone #2

As you might’ve known from my last blog post, I’m doing a project called, Capstone. In case you don’t know what Capstone is then let me explain. Capstone is this huge project, and you can choose any topic you want to research on. Now that you have had that small recap, I’m going to update you on what I have been doing.

My original topic was, how fashion has changed throughout the century. But then I thought to myself, it needs to sound fancier, because then more people will be interested in it… And then it hit me! The evolution of fashion! It is technically the same thing, but it just sounds fancier, and cooler.

After I did that I had to make a graphic organizer with my main inquiry question, and sub questions. This was pretty hard. I found this hard because I was having trouble with making them related to my main inquiry questions.

Capstone will definitely be a complicated project, but in the end it will be 100% worth it! Hope you tune in on my capstone #3!

Capstone #1

My grade and I are doing a project called, Capstone. I assume you don’t know what Capstone is so let me explain. Capstone is a fun project where students get to pick a topic they’re interested in, research it, make a slideshow, and present it to other people! Oh and I forgot to mention, it’s the biggest project of the year, wait, not just the year… It’s the biggest project you’ll ever do at elementary school!

So the first thing you have to do for this project is find a topic your interested in. Personally for me this was very hard. I mean, I’m interested in lots of things, but did I really want to do them, or is it to hard to research on? I always asked myself this, and some ideas I had was, the history of Netflix, how technology is taking over our world, seeing eye dogs, apple products, and more. And all of a sudden, “WAM!” It hit me right in the head! (Not literally of course) Fashion! I could do it on fashion! But then the problem came, that’s to broad of an idea… It had to be a little more specific… AHAH! How fashion has changed over the century! Perfect!

The next thing I had to do was tell everyone about my amazing idea, and I had to make a poster board, and think of a main question. When I was thinking of a question, I was like, “Oh please… this will be easy to think of a question! I can just add a has to it. Now it is how has fashion changed over the century!” And I thought I was genius. But no… It’s much much harder to think of a question then you would think. I mean, it’s been a week and I still don’t have a main question! Oh, wait, nobody made a question yet… But I’m making a small poster on questions to help me think.

Anyways, if you enjoyed this blog post, you’ll enjoy my next, so tune in next time! BYE!