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Capstone #6

I just finished my WeVideo for Capstone! I have worked on this video for weeks, and I am super happy I am finally finished with it.

Instead of recording my voice for each little clip, I recorded my voice in one. I had to re-record my voice so many times! I would make one small mistake, and then I would have to redo the entire thing! It got really annoying, but I have to admit, it was so worth it in the end when everything is all put together. Also a few weeks ago when I did one voice recording I messed up a lot, but still put it in. I also set up all my pictures with that recording. But today I re-recorded, and it sounds much better, and it wasn’t as hard to put in the pictures and everything, because all of my pictures were already uploaded.

Everybody in our grade will be presenting their Capstone to the school, and the parents. This means that the dead line is Friday. And so if I ever need to make adjustments to my video I still have some time, but the dead line is very soon.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post, if you did, come and check it out some other time!

Immigration #4

If you saw my last blog post on my immigration project, you would know what it’s all about, and were I’m at with it. But if you haven’t read my last posts i’ll update you, I interviewed my babysitter named Edith, I had to make a slideshow, how to plan it out, and some more stuff that’s not that important….

Ok, so last time I talked about what I found simple, and what I found difficult, and I also mentioned that my next step was to make a slideshow on this immigration project. I have completed the slide show today, and I’m very proud of it… The reasons I’m proud of it is because, one, it took me a super long time not just to make, but plan it to. I had to plan it by making charts and on the tops it said something like, slide number, what your going to say, and picture. And believe me… That took a very long time!

After I planned out my slide show, it was actually time to put it all together. It was pretty complicated to put together. Let me explain, I had to make a cover, and it had to look amazing, but it’s also required to make the slideshow four minutes. And believe me… It’s hard… But I’m almost there, I’m currently at three minutes, forty five seconds. I only need fifteen more seconds, and then I’m DONE. But from what I have in my video, I think it looks great, and I know for a fact that in the end, all my hard work will pay off!

Overall this project has been GREAT! And I really enjoyed the experience, and I hope to do another project using Spark Video, because it’s a really fun website/app to use, and play around with! BYE!

Immigration #3

Immigration #3


As you might’ve known from my last blog posts, I have an immigration project and I’m interviewing my babysitter, Edith, and she’s from Mexico. Now that you’ve had that tiny little recap, let’s get down to business…

Since I already interviewed her, it’s time to talk about the challenging things I faced, the things I found easy, and some more!

Let’s start with things that I found hard/challenging… Well I don’t think you know this, but I also have to make a video, about the project, and what’s hard about this is writing the script. You might be thinking, it’s just a script it’s the easiest thing ever! But your wrong. Your very… Very… Wrong… It took me about a bajillion hours! Ok, that’s an exaggeration… It really only took me and hour and thirty minutes. But as long as it’s a great script, it’s worth it. Anyways, what’s also hard is the video itself. For example, it has to be four minutes, and it’s hard to make each slide exactly how I want it.

Ok, enough complaining! Now let’s talk about the things I found fairly simple! Well what I find pretty simple is actually writing these blog posts. I know… I know… Your probably thinking, if it’s hard to write a script, then how is it not hard to write a blog post? Well that’s a question I don’t have an answer to… But anyways, I found interviewing Edith was also pretty easy.

Anyways hope you enjoyed my post! If you did come check it out next time, BYE!

Immigration #2

As you might’ve remembered, last time I was here with you, we discussed things like, the person I’m interviewing, some questions, and a couple more things.

I interviewed Edith a few days ago. And as I said in the other post, she has trouble speaking English sometimes. So when I interviewed her, she was stumbling over lots of words. I can’t think of any words from the top of my head, but I had to help her a lot. Also, because of this, when she was answering questions, she wasn’t that descriptive, but we made it work. But also, when I asked her even my most open ended questions, she wasn’t even that open ended! She would also go into topics that weren’t even close to related to the question!

Overall the interview went great! I really enjoyed working with her. My babysitter and I are really close, she’s been babysitting me since I was two. But what I’m trying to say is that, I know A LOT about her, but she was saying things that barely anyone knew about her, which I really enjoyed.

I’m excited to keep going with this project! And tune in for the next post! BYE!

Immigration #1

So far, the immigration project has been going pretty well… I haven’t done much yet, but so far I got somebody to interview, and wrote some questions for them to answer.

To be honest, finding somebody was pretty hard. I asked both my parents if they knew anybody who immigrated to America. They each said no, and I thought I was doomed, and not going to be able to do the project. The next day I came to school, and I told all my friends about the project, and asked if they knew anybody I could interview. Surprisingly, there were a lot of them who said yes, and some of them were immigrants them selves! One of my friends said there babysitter was an immigrant, and that’s when it came to me… My babysitter!!! I totally forgot, she’s from Mexico. So as you can tell, I’m connected to this person because she’s my babysitter.

The person I’m interviewing is named Edith. She is from Mexico, but immigrated to America. She speaks Spanish, and English. She speaks very good English, but sometimes she can’t pronounce certain words like, ” throat” and other things. She still speaks a lot of Spanish. She speaks Spanish with her family, lots of friends, over the phone, and sometime’s when she is calling a doctor or something, she requests for a translator who speaks Spanish. someone who can speak Spanish.

I’m asking her questions I think she’ll be able to answer… For example a few questions I’m asking her is,”Why did you, and your family decide to leave?” Or, “If you still lived in Mexico what do you think it would be like now? And why?” Simple questions like that.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my first immigration blog post. Until next time, bye!

Colonial Day

On December 15 we had Colonial Day. Colonial Day is when all the 4th grade dresses up like the colonials did and we do all these fun things like, tin smithing, Dame school, toys and games, stenciling, And many other fun things! The point of Colonial Day is to teach kids all about the Colonial times and for us to see how it would have been like back then.

My favorite activity was Dame school. Dame school was  my favorite because the teacher actually taught us the way they taught the Colonials. The best part about Dame school was the spelling bee. The spelling bee was my favorite part because she gave the girls very easy words and she gave the boys very hard words.

One thing I learned about Colonial  life is that back then they thought that boys were smarter then girls. They thought that because they expected more from boys then girls.

I want to learn how they made they’re weapons. For example what they made them out of. I want to learn that because back during the colonial times they didn’t have what we have now so i’m very interested in learning that.

Colonial times were different from today because back then they didn’t have flash lights, or any technology. They didn’t have lots of the things we have now. Another reason colonial times are different from today is because now there are many types of materials they didn’t have.