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Capstone #7

I haven’t presented my Capstone to the school, or all the parents yet, but I did present my video to my class.

When I presented to the class it looked pretty good, but I do have to make a few more changes to my script, which means that I have to re-record my entire video! That is the annoying part of doing WeVideo. You may have to re-record a lot, and make lots of changes with the recordings.

Everybody is going to present their presentations to the parents this Friday, and I am very excited that the parents will even get to see my presentation. I hope that people are interested in my topic, and I think people will be interested in it, because fashion is a pretty common thing people like to learn about.

I think that the best part of Capstone was probably researching, because I got to learn so much more about women’s fashion, that I didn’t know about.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!


Capstone #5

For my Capstone presentation I will be doing a WeVideo. WeVideo is a website, and app, that lets you create your own video, and you can record you voice into it, put in pictures, and make it a cool little video! One reason why I like WeVideo, is because there are so many cool things you can edit, and adjust, and there are just so many things you can do on it.

I am not done with my video, but I have been working really hard on it! Personally I think that it looks really cool, and I think it will turn out great! So far I have my script, and a little bit of my video done. For my script what I did is I put it on a google doc, print it out, and then I cut the sheet into paragraphs, and glue them to flashcards. I am recording my voice into it. I’m currently recording it by picture, but for my final video I am just going to record everything all at once.

The video is required to be five to six minutes. I think that my video is going to be around five minutes because I have five sub questions, and it would be a minute per question. Also I think that my interview with pam Hocstin really helped, because without her I wouldn’t have known a lot of things that I’m including in my video. For example, I wouldn’t have known that bell bottoms were a really big trend in the nineteen seventies.

My video is coming together really well, and I think and I hope that when I present it to everyone who watches it will enjoy it.

Capstone #4

Today in my Capstone blog post I will be talking more about my site visit. And incase you didn’t already know, I went to the MetroPolitan Museum Of Arts, as my site visit.

In the museum there was an entire section just about the camp of fashion! When I say camp, I don’t mean summer camp… Camp means something a little bit crazy, and exciting! But I didn’t know this before we went. I thought it would literally be the evolution of fashion, but I was wrong. It was actually the camp of fashion. The camp of fashion means something sort of like crazy.

I learned a lot about camp fashion! For example I learned that when you dress camp you pop out and wear a kind of crazy outfit. I also learned that camp outfits can be made of all different types of materials, some of the outfits there weren’t even made out of fabric! For example there were outfits made out of money, like coins, and dollar bills!

I haven’t got my interview with Pam Hocstin yet, but I will be doing it soon.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Rocketry Unit Reflection

Building Our Rockets

My group and I worked together to create outstanding rockets! We made two totally different rockets. Our first rocket had a good amount of wait, it was fairly tall, and was different. We chose three foam paper fins a styrofoam ball as our nose cone, and a paper body. For our second rocket we used, foam paper, rolled into a nose cone, four cardboard fins, and an average size body. This rocket was definitely heavier than the first.


The Process

First we had to pick a name of our group. That name was, “The Space Grandmas”.  Once we were done with that we had to start a design for what our rocket would look like. We did our design on google drawing, and then we wrote why we chose what on the side of our rocket design. After that we actually started creating our rocket. Once we were all finished with building our rocket we launched it. After the launch we made a slide show with the entire group. Last but not least we created a rocketry reflection. (Which is what i’m doing right now)


Rocket Launch

Our rocket went the highest out of 5 rockets! (Including us, of course) My group and I was super nervous. We were so nervous because we thought our rocket wouldn’t even get off the launch pad, but thankfully it did. At the end we measured an average of 54 degrees. As you might’ve guessed we were all super proud of not just our rocket, but as well as ourselves.


Slide Show

Our slide show was very complicated. We had to make a lot of slides, but we were each assigned our own slides. I was assigned, Designing Rocket #1, Rocket Launch #2, Graph #2, and Reflection on Rocket Unit as a Whole. After we were all done with our assigned slides, we had to do a presentation in front of our parents. That part was very pressuring.


My group faced a lot of struggles. The most common struggle was, disagreeing, and getting into arguments. We argued over materials, pictures, and many more things. Eventually we would take a vote, and as you know, majority wins. Also we went through a lot of trouble on picking our nose cone and fins, but eventually we picked something.


Working Together As A Group

Our group was like a roller coaster. Their were ups and downs but eventually we got through it, and figured it out. I have to say, our group was pretty good for the  most part, but sometimes people would get distracted and leave one person doing all the work. Although we got distracted, eventually we would finish.


Overall  Rocketry Unit

I really enjoyed our rocketry unit. I’m upset that it’s over, and hope to do another fun similar project. My group and I worked very well together. I would definitely want to work with this group again. I really enjoyed this unit and will definitely miss it.

Heres our rocketry slide show, hope you enjoy!