Measuring the wires

We had to draw the wires in a squiggly line because the design was drawn to scale and we needed to be able to pull the wire taught without tearing the wire. We also had to use a tool called a _______ to measure the wire drawing then we took a real wire and lined the up to make sure the wires were exact.

Designing the flashlight

After watching the video, Mr. Calvert said that we would pretend to be the designers helping the divers by making waterproof flashlights. We had to make everything perfectly drawn to scale, to do this we used a t-square. We had to draw the wires but they had to be squiggly because they had to be able to be pulled taught.

Learning about Thailand

In Mr. Calvert’s technology class Mr. Calvert showed us a video about how the flooding’s had trapped a soccer team of fourteen year old boys in a cave for ten days. Their oxygen levels were falling and deep sea divers searched high and low looking for the boys. So many countries pitched in to help save these boys. Sadly cave diving is very dangerous and not all of the cave divers came out of the cave alive. On the other hand all the boys came out just fine but needed urgent care.