Rube Goldberg 3

I decided that sketching the project was going to be hard if I didn’t know what works and what doesn’t, so I made some of the project. Last weekend, I started drafting some of the ideas I had for the project, and I took some photos to give you a sense of what I had in mind.

This was my first step. I used a remote control car to unblock the other car.

Then, the other car hits the Rubik’s cube off the table, pulling the Kleenex box off the xylophone releasing the spoon which hit a marble down a tube.

The marble goes between the coasters and hits a domino which causes all the dominos to fall and hit a ball.

the ball rolls into a car which hits more dominos.

Rube Goldberg #2

When I first was told about the Rube Goldberg project, I felt anxious because I had no idea what a Rube Goldberg machine was. Once I found out what a Rube Goldberg machine was, I felt more confident about the project and introduced myself to some inspirational Rube Goldberg videos. We were asked if we wanted to work in a group or individually. I decided to work individually because my schedule is really messed up. I’m only free on the days everyone else is busy. When I heard about the Rube Goldberg project, right off I knew what my final step was going to be. My final step was going to be pouring blue cheese on someone’s head when they open the door to my room. That would have been hilarious, but I wanted to stick to something a little simpler. I decided to tip over a glass of water.



Rube Goldberg Project

In Mrs. Edwards’ 5th grade class, Mrs. Edwards decided to have her class: plan, design, and build a Rube Goldberg machine. (A Rube Goldberg machine is a long set of steps that completes a simple task). The Rube Goldberg machine needed a detailed sketch of the child’s planned contraption, eight varied steps, send a clear video and showing the child’s successes and fails.

For my Rube Goldberg machine the first thing I did was research. Here are some links I looked at:

“Sprice” on America’s Got Talent

Goldieblox and Rube Goldberg

OK Go Official Rube Goldberg video

My favorite one is:

These links gave me inspiration. If these people in the videos worked that hard to make a Rube Goldberg project why couldn’t I ?

The great Kindness Challenge

In Heathcote Elementary School the staff put together The Great Kindness Challenge. The Great Kindness Challenge is based off of Kindness week. Every person in Heathcote School challenges themself on how many good deeds he or she can commit in one week.

This week I focused on ordinary kindness. I tried to be kind to my parents, who have spent their lives running our family. I tried to be kind to my friends who are very supportive and open-minded. Last but not least I tried to respect the teachers that teach at Heathcote Elementary School that pour their day into teaching the young.

At the end of the week I got bored of doing the same thing so I decided to go over the top I donated on the website Kiva. I gave the last $25 Edward needed for his business. Edward is an egg seller and needed $25 more to buy more eggs and now his mission is complete. It made me feel useful to help Edward.

Personally, I don’t think we should have a Kindness Week because we should be kind 24-7, no matter whether someone asks us to or not. We should be kind automatically.

to donate to Kiva go to this link:

Martin Luther King Reflection

Martin Luther King JR. was a Inspirational leader With a creative mind. Dr. King thought outside the box. Dr. King’s creativity began to end institutional racism in his time. Sadly his time has passed to the fault of James Earl Ray. Dr. King was assassinated in 1968 Memphis Tennessee. King has inspired millions of people all over the world including me. Dr. King’s’ words make me feel hopeful and full of pride to have him in history.

In class 5E we studied King around the time of his birthday. We made a timeline about his life. My timeline looks like this: