Measuring the wires

We had to draw the wires in a squiggly line because the design was drawn to scale and we needed to be able to pull the wire taught without tearing the wire. We also had to use a tool called a _______ to measure the wire drawing then we took a real wire and lined the up to make sure the wires were exact.

Designing the flashlight

After watching the video, Mr. Calvert said that we would pretend to be the designers helping the divers by making waterproof flashlights. We had to make everything perfectly drawn to scale, to do this we used a t-square. We had to draw the wires but they had to be squiggly because they had to be able to be pulled taught.

Pendant Post #1

The first day we started making the pendants was the design day. We sketched out some ideas on little circles the size the pendant was going to be it was kind of fun. Me and my friend came up with some pretty creative ones. At the end of the class we were told to label them one through twenty on which pendant idea sounded most appealing. One we wanted to do first twenty we wanted to do last. I decided to make a heart shaped pendant for my grandma. I love her but I don’t think she knows that and she’s leaving in a few days.

Safety Day

The first day of tech was the day to learn about safety. Safety is the most important part of engineering. Safety requires a lot of thought. First your eyes are probably the most important part of your body to stay safe. That’s why we use safety goggles. If anything flys into your eye could cause permanent damage.thats why safety goggles are important. Also you need to tie your hair back. Tying long hair back is important because there are a lot of hot materials in the lab. If your hair gets caught on these long materials then it could start a fire. Last but not least you need to overall just be cautious and try to stay safe when you’re in an environment with tools that are helpful if used safely.

Escape the room

In Mr. Calvert six grade tech, we played a fun game called escape the room. The safety goggles were hidden in a safe and we were given clues to unlock it. It was really fun. Unlocking each lock always gave me and my group a sense of accomplishment :). The best part about the project was that everyone’s voice was heard. There was a lot of yelling and a lot of screaming but in the end it was really fun.