Rube Goldbergs!!! Pt. 2

As you know we have been doing Rube Goldbergs for school. We are only about halfway done with ours. We have met a few times, but we were never really ready when we met. That is why Samantha, Audrey and I are trying to improve our preparation now. We are all going to come to our next meeting with a few new ideas. I have been watching videos and trying ideas out upstairs in my attic. I have tried out chain reactions wth popsicle sticks, dominos on strings and marble runs. We have also been talking at school about our project and ideas.

Along with talking at school about our project ideas, we have also started our drawing. Our plan is to do all the writing and drawing at school so that we only have to build our project when Samantha and Audrey come over. So far our plan has worked and we have gotten a lot more done. We are hoping that when they come over on Monday we will finish our first edition. I have definitely learned a lot from this project so far. I have learned about Rube Goldbergs, but I have also learned about working with a team, how to make compromises and how to manage time. This has been a great experience!!!!!

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