Rube Goldberg Pt. 3

Today Samantha and Audrey came over to my house to work on our Rube Goldberg for our third meeting. We all came with some ideas which made our process go a lot faster. My ideas were adding a popsicle stick chain reaction and a motorized train. We showed each other our ideas and after we showed each other our ideas we began to build. We built fast because we had already planned our new steps. We tried each step and tweaked each one. We built four steps today which is more than we’ve ever done in a session.

We also picked our task. We came up with ten ideas and we narrowed them down to two. Some of are ideas were feed the cat, play music, close a door and turn off the lights. Our process for narrowing our ideas down was if one or more people didn’t like an idea then we got rid of it. From the last two ideas we picked our favorite. We decided for our task we would click a button that will play music. We all loved the idea and couldn’t wait to start to figure out how to make it work!!!


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