Rube Goldbergs!!! Pt. 1

This past week we started a Rube Goldberg project. This project is a highlight of fifth grade! Almost everybody looks forward to it! Our teacher, Ms. Boyer, let us pick our parters. I chose my friends Audrey and Samantha. We all agreed to do the project at my house. The point of the project is to make a machine with many steps to accomplish a simple task.

On Monday Audrey and Samantha both came over to my house. We went upstairs right away and started brainstorming. We quickly came up with the first half of our Rube Goldberg. We made a ramp out of an ironing board. The toilet paper would roll down the ramp to hit the ball. The thing is, the toilet paper would always roll off the ramp! We added poles to the side of our ramp so that the toilet paper went down the ramp without rolling off. For the next hour Audrey and Samantha stayed, and we adjusted and tweaked our project. We adjusted the angles on our dominoes and cars. We all worked well together making sure to be flexible and kind. On that first day we got a lot done because we all got along perfectly.

The next day didn’t go as well. For the first hour we were fine. We made a pendulum and tweaked the project a bit more, but then we had a disagreement. Samantha and I wanted to use a train that Audrey didn’t want to use. After a while we decided that everybody had to agree on all the steps of our project. From then on everything went much more smoothly. Our Rube Goldberg  project may not be done, but everybody in our group likes each and every step.

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