Rube Goldberg Pt. 5

For our Rube Goldberg project we have to film all of our takes until we get a success. It took Samantha, Audrey and me 101 takes until we got our success. Each take took a long time to set back up so we had to reconsider our steps a bit. We switched dominos with Jenga pieces and we made our book dominos shorter. This made it so we had less things to set up.

Along with taking things away we marked where things were supposed to go. We used green painters’ tape to mark where the string dominos sat. This way we wouldn’t have to test everything as much before we did our next take. It was extremely helpful and made everything so much faster!!

Before we did any takes we always tested the positions of everything. This way we wouldn’t get far into our Rube Goldberg and have it not work because a domino, book or marble was misplaced. Our testing involved trying a small part of our Rube Goldberg to make sure they worked and stopping them before they knocked down the next step. We found that this was very helpful because it made us much more consistent.


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