Graphic Novels

As a new unit in writing and reading, a teacher named Mr. DeBerry has been coming in and teaching us about graphic novels. At first, we were just reading graphic novels but eventually, we began to write our own. As we were reading the graphic novels, we made noticings about how each page and chapter was structured.

The reading was very different compared to reading other genres of books. I like reading graphic novels so I was very excited to start this unit. The reading went by much faster and you had to pay very close attention to every page. At times I got very confused about who was who because the names were rarely mentioned in graphic novels. The story had many details you needed to find in the pictures. I learned so much from reading graphic novels and all of this knowledge helped me write my own graphic novel.

Writing a graphic novel is also very different from writing a novel. I thought it would be a lot easier than it was. You have to plan out your story and then do a draft. Then you have to draw each picture carefully with a lot of detail. Then you have to color everything in. I am not very good at drawing so this took a long time. I am sure I will try again to make an even better graphic novel!

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Capstone 2 – My Interview

On Monday I had my interview for Capstone. I did it with a doctor/professor from the Universary of Montreal. His name is Antonio Zadra. He studies dreams, sleep, REM sleep, NREM sleep, parasomnias, sleep disorders and lucid dreaming. I was very happy to have the interview because it took me a long time to find an interview and I had begun to get worried about it. I had emailed a few other people but they either didn’t reply or couldn’t do it.

When I emailed Dr. Zadra he said yes almost right away, and we decided on a time and date. We did our interview over Skype. My best friend, Audrey, helped me set it up. We talked for about 20 minutes and he answered a bunch of my questions. I am very happy that my interview went so well and I can’t wait for my site visit.

El Resturante

Today at school we went to a Peruvian restaurant as a field trip with our Spanish teacher. While we were there we learned and practiced speaking Spanish. We had to talk mostly in Spanish and answer some questions on a worksheet. The food was all very good. Some of the dishes we had were lomo saltado, pollo saltado, pescado and arroz. We also tried a drink called chicha morada. I didn’t really like it. I sat at a table with my mom, Samantha, and Rehma. We had so much fun and I hope my family and I go back there sometime.

Lomo Saltado – Yelp