Technology #9

Sadly, this is the last week of technology. I have already finished all of the projects for the quarter, so I have decided to catch up on my blog posts. But, some other people have also finished so the classroom is quite loud. My friends are playing jenga and yelling, the boys are stealing each other’s wooden blocks and some of the girls are drawing. This week, surprisingly, I have actually relearned a lot of this quarter’s topics by reading blog posts. Well, this quarter is over, and soon I start art. I’ll miss you tech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁😁😁😒😒😒

Technology #8

Today I finished my flashlight. I soldered my circuit together and decorated my flashlight. But my biggest accomplishment today, was definitely getting to class EARLY! Yes, I know. Soldering the circuit was hard though. The wires were so thin, and if you soldered for to long at once, they would melt. One joint kept breaking and bending, so Mr. Calvert had to help with that one(Thanks by the wayπŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘). But I am so excited to bring it home, and try it out in the dark😊😊😊

Technology #7

Today we finally started building our flashlight. The first thing we did was saw our pieces. Once that was done, you drilled your holes for the light and the switch. The drilling was a lot of fun because with the big drill, pieces of plastic were spinning around and sometimes they flew around the room. The only thing I didn’t like about class today, was that the whole room smelled like burning plastic. πŸ™

Technology #6

This week we started our flashlights this week! I was the first person in my class to finish the full diagram. The only thing I had left to was to talk to my best friend Sienna, as she worked. I waited impatiently until until the next day, but then I had wait again for the rest of the class. I had to “write blog posts” all period. I actually got one done!!!! I can’t wait to work more on my flashlight!!!!!!

Technology #5

This week we played the switch game. I was the worst at it, but in my defence, the police forgot to stop the timer, which added a few seconds to my time. My switches worked well though! All my hard work payed off! I had a chance to try every job. My favorite job was to be the police. The police timed them and pointed out mistakes. That was definitely one of the best technology lessons!!!

Technology #4

We have been working on our switches a lot this week. I have only finished one, but it taught me a lot about what I will need to make my switches work. I know that I will need to put tin foil tint the switches to conduct the electricity. I have also learned how the make the cardboard stand upright and I have been able to use the hot glue gun. For my first switch, I used a popsicle stick and I put cardboard and tin foil on the end of it. Then I made a piece of cardboard with tinfoil and attached them. If you push down on the popsicle stick, the two tin foil pieces will touch, making a full circuit, causing the light to light up.

Technology #3

This week we began to start to make switches. We are making them so that when we finish we will play a game. The game is related to driverless cars. When the car gets close to anything, the light will light up. We each have to make three switches based off of cardboard. We can use the example designs or we can make our own. I am really excited to do them because this is the first real project we have done this quarter!