Technology Update

By now, we are about four weeks into the building process. We made cardboard models and we have cut the wood for our wooden boxes. The cardboard really helped me because it helped me understand how the use all the tools and how making the box would work. But, because the cardboard measurements were different than the wood measurements, when I cut the wood I made some mistakes.

Once my cardboard model was done, I was allowed to begin cutting my wood. Right away I faced some problems. Because I was ahead of the class, I hadn’t gotten the memo that there should be space in between the lines. So when I was finished cutting the wood, the pieces were a bit too small. I had to go back and re cut a few.

This past week I spent sanding, but I also helped out all the other kids. I checked measurements and I explained how to use t squares. I am really excited for this week because I might get to start gluing together my box. I want my box to stay pretty simple, so I think that I all want to do is stain it, and maybe add some design.

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