Technology #2

Over the past week, we have learned about atoms. We spent a lot of time trying to understand how tiny atoms really are. There are more atoms in one grain of sand than there are grains of sand on the beach. Another comparison was if we made a grapefruit the size of the Earth, each atom would be the size of a blueberry. Then, if you enlarged the blueberry to the size of a football stadium, the nucleus would be the size of a MARBLE. This was crazy, if you think about how big the world is, and how small the blueberry is.

Stop Motion Animation Pt. 3

At school Audrey, Samantha, Rehma and I have been working very hard on our stop motion project. Today we finally finished!! We finished first in the class. I think we finished first because when one of us got off track everybody else would yell at them until they calmed down. (We were VERY loud) We finished filming unusually quickly too. Overall we worked well together.

In our movie there is a boy and his friends send him a letter. The letter explains everything about the journey over to America. While the letter is being read out loud panel images slide in and show what the letter is saying. Our video is short but educational. I am very proud of it. Here it is:

Stop Motion Animation Pt. 2

Today we began to film. It didn’t really go as planned. Audrey, Samantha, Rehma and I thought that we would get a lot of filming done today but we were wrong. We spent a long time setting things up and gluing things back together. By the time we were all set up we only had half an hour left to film. We ended up having to start all over again. We got no filming done today.

Stop Motion Animation

In school we started a stop motion project. It is about immigration. Our topic is the Journey Over to America. For the past week, Samantha, Rehma, Audrey and I have prepared our sets and written our scripts so that today we could begin to film.

Rehma, Samantha, Audrey and I decided that our movie would be based on a letter that we had written with all of our research. We would have a voice over (reading the letter) and images will slide in to show what we are talking about. We made wood panels out of popsicle sticks and painted a pizza box green so we would have a green screen. We have been working very, very hard.

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Rube Goldberg Pt. 6

Of all our fails one of them was definitely the most disappointing. That’s because it wasn’t actually a fail. We got all the way to the end, but then, when the music didn’t play right away, we turned of the camera. As Audrey, Samantha and I were setting our project up again the music started playing!!!

We were using this kind of radio and it didn’t play right away because the radio used a CD. The CD had to get to the right song and them play it. It took a while. Now that I think about it, we should have tested this part a little bit more.

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Welcome to 2016-2017!

It’s a brand new school year! I’m so excited for fourth grade because this year we have Colonial Day. Colonial Day is where you dress up and do fun things people did when there was no electricity. I am also excited about our own chrome books. Last year we all had to share laptops. Laptops are so heavy and chrome books are light. Also we have reading partners this year. Some people had reading partners last year but I did not. We change partners when we change genre. I am also excited for Toy Theater.