Safety in Tech 7

Last year in Technology we had many rules to keep us safe. Some of them were;

We had to keep our hair tied up.

We couldn’t be running around.

We couldn’t play with dangerous tools.


This year we are in Tech 7. There will be some new rules, but some will stay the same. I will still have to stay safe around all of the new materials and supplies. One thing I will try to work on is to listen better so I understand better how to use the tools around me.

El Resturante

Today at school we went to a Peruvian restaurant as a field trip with our Spanish teacher. While we were there we learned and practiced speaking Spanish. We had to talk mostly in Spanish and answer some questions on a worksheet. The food was all very good. Some of the dishes we had were lomo saltado, pollo saltado, pescado and arroz. We also tried a drink called chicha morada. I didn’t really like it. I sat at a table with my mom, Samantha, and Rehma. We had so much fun and I hope my family and I go back there sometime.

Lomo Saltado – Yelp

Writing Expedition

In class we have been writing a LOT!! We are going to share our writing in a writing expedition next week. My writing has definitely changed changed this year. For each subject we have done I have learned so many new things. Because Ms. Boyer is such a great, unique teacher everything is different in writing. It is more creative and we have more freedom. In essay writing I have learned a new way to organize my writing (that I find easier.) This year we have also been able to free write more. I got to write I a fiction story, and I haven’t gotten to do that for a while! Overall writing has been so much fun this year, and I can’t wait to do more!

Mystery Summary

 Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Gold Coins

gold coins

In the book, Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Gold Coins, Cam’s box camera (for the fifth grade science fair) and two very old coins from a new coin store get stolen. Cam and Eric think that Linda’s brother stole the camera from Cam (Linda really wants to win the science fair). Cam and Eric do not have any suspects for who stole the coins. Cam uses mental pictures that she took to find the thief of the coins and camera.