Capstone 2 – My Interview

On Monday I had my interview for Capstone. I did it with a doctor/professor from the Universary of Montreal. His name is Antonio Zadra. He studies dreams, sleep, REM sleep, NREM sleep, parasomnias, sleep disorders and lucid dreaming. I was very happy to have the interview because it took me a long time to find an interview and I had begun to get worried about it. I had emailed a few other people but they either didn’t reply or couldn’t do it.

When I emailed Dr. Zadra he said yes almost right away, and we decided on a time and date. We did our interview over Skype. My best friend, Audrey, helped me set it up. We talked for about 20 minutes and he answered a bunch of my questions. I am very happy that my interview went so well and I can’t wait for my site visit.