Choosing a Topic for Capstone

This week we began to talk about our capstone topics. Capstone is a big project you do in fifth grade about an interest you have. Most of us had already been thinking about our topics for a long time. I wanted to do Broadway casting. The problem was, two people cannot do the same thing and one of my best friends, Audrey, wanted to do it. I thought more about topics and what I was curious about.

After a lot of thinking I thought of something I had always wondered about; Dreams. Things like “How do dreams connect to your brain?” and “Why do you have dreams?”. Once my class all had their topics we began to come up with inquiry questions. We put post-its with questions on posters and graded our questions. Then today we helped each other improve our inquiry questions and started to write subquestions. My inquiry question will be:

“Why do humans have dreams and how do dreams connect to their brains and lives?”

My subquestions will be:

“Do your dreams have anything to do with what is going on in your life?”

“If you have a certain personality trait, will your dreams have anything to do with that personality trait?”

“Why do you only have dreams sometimes?”

“Does having a dream have anything to do with how deep you are sleeping?”

I have had so much fun with my capstone project so far, and I can’t wait to do more!