Monthly Archives: April 2017

State test

Last week we finished the state test.  I did not like the state test because it was for three days straight.  I was nervous the night before each day of the test.  My biggest fear was that I would get every thing wrong.   I found the test to be ok at the end.  Some parts of the test were hard and some parts were easy.  I was so happy when it was over.



“One Plastic Bag” by Miranda Paul  is mainly about that plastic bags are bad for the environment.  A goat can eat a plastic bag and die because the goat doesn’t know the plastic bag is not food.  So Isatou cleans up all the plastic bags from off the ground and she washes them and makes them into money bags that have pretty designs on them. Isatou cleaned up the plastic bags because she wanted to help the goats so they don’t die.  Isatou didn’t know littering plastic bags was bad for the environment. I think Isatou did something really good to help the goats.


The sisters of Bali were working hard to ban plastic bags in Bali and they achieved what they set out to do.  First they went to a lot of places and talked to a lot of people about banning plastic bags. They talked to kids and made a petition. They talked to the president of Bali and he agreed to stop using plastic bags. The sisters were so excited that their hard work paid off. I am glad that the sisters were able to make Bali beautiful again!

My moon

We just finished learning about the moon in science.  I loved looking outside everyday at my moon.  Looked forward to it for 28 days.  For 28 days I felt that the moon was excited to see me too!

It was interesting to see the different moon phases! And the different weather patterns.  Some of the days it was cloudy and I missed seeing the moon.  I love the full moon best because even the sky around the moon was bright.  My favorite fact is that a full moon is really only a half moon because there is still another side to see.

On Wednesday, April 5th, I am going to see the moon through a very good telescope.  I am excited to see the craters on the moon.  I hope they are excited to see me too!