Monthly Archives: May 2017

Plant Reflection

I just started the plant unit with my group. I love watching my plants every single day. The one that is getting watered with orange juice is moldy, smells bad and is not growing. The one that is being watered with water is growing so much. It is about 3 centimeters tall and it has green leaves. That is a big plant for only growing for one week.

Poem Reflection and Poems

I finished my poetry unit, and I loved writing a lot of poems.  My favorite two were Flip Flop and S’mores. Flip Flop was my favorite because it had repeating words and it had a nice rhythm. My second favorite was S’mores because I wrote about each layer of the S’more and it turned out to be really cute.


Flip-Flop                                                 S’mores  

In the beach house                                Fluffy Fluffy

Flip-Flop                                                 I love to roast Marshmallows

Down stairs                                            Yum Yum

Flip-Flop                                                 Sweet Sweet

Outside                                                    Chocolate melts in my mouth

Flip-Flop                                                 Yum Yum

In the grass                                            Crunch crunch

Flip-Flop                                                Graham cracker finishes off a sandwich

IN THE BEACH                                    Yum Yum