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book Recommendation

Book Recommendation


The book that I have to recommend to you is called Clementine and The Family Meeting by Sara Penny Packer, Illustrated by Marla Frazee. This book is a fiction book.

What would you do if you think you are getting in trouble?

I love this book because it has a little mystery, but it is all solved at the end and Clementine did not have to be nervous the whole day. Clementine gets in trouble a lot but she doesn’t mean to get in trouble. I think Clementine is funny because she gets herself into unusual situations but she finds her way out.


Lima beans 3rd week

Lima Beans Week Three


This week our Lima Beans have been growing very fast. The three with sunlight the roots are so thick that is a good thing. The three with no sunlight the roots are very white that is not good. The one with no air one of the Lima Bean is mushy and just not growing. I think they are doing pretty good.


Did you know that a plant can grow without  soil? But with soil Lima Beans will grow stronger and Healthier.





week 3 plant observation

My friends and I grew two plants. One plant was watered with water and the other water was watered with orange juice.   One of them is doing good but the other is very bad, it got moldy so we threw it out.  That was the one that was getting watered with orange juice.  The one that is good has pods because we pollinated it using q tips which bees and other insects would have done out in nature.