4th Grade Reflection

In 4th Grade my class did a lot of fun activities! We did a lot of work. We also did a lot fun projects for example curiosity project, toy theater project, colonial america project, biography project and ecosystem project.

My class did some read alouds for example “Blood on the River” by Elisa Carbone, “Book Scavenger” by Jennifer Chambliss Bertman and “Tiger Rising” by Kate Dicamillo. My favorite read aloud was Tiger Rising because it was interesting that was about a tiger and a boy.

In my school every year a person with disabilities comes to my school. This year a man named Dennis Oehler came to talk about his disabilities. He was in a car accident and he was hit by a car and had to get part of his leg removed. He showed how he put on his artificial leg and showed us how he ran with it.

My favorite subject was math because we learned a lot of new cool methods and we learned how to do more difficult things.

My favorite thing doing this year was my curiosity project because we got to choose our own topic. My topic that I choose was cupcakes. I choose it because I love baking.


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