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Capstone Blog Post # 3

The next step in the copstone proses is finding an interview site visit. Lucky for me, I flow a lot of Bakers on instagram so, I started texting them unforchinitly a lot of them did not write back. I waited days and days to see if they would write back they did not. So I texted some more people and finely someone wrote back. We emailed back and forth to figure out a date, time and location. I thought it would be best to meet at her shop so I could have my site visit there. When my mom and I got there we were surprised to see that her shop was under construction and there was nothing there.   I was disappointed to see that there we no kitchen and shop to look at. But I did get a lot of good information from the interview, that is really good. all though there was not much for me to see i still got a lot of good information. She answered all of me questions that I had planned and even so mure that i thought of on the stot. I am very happy with the way my capstone project is turning out so far.

capstone blog post #2

After finishing the first step of capstone, choosing a topic, I decided to research baking.  I had to choose a main inquiry question. A main inquiry question is narrowing down your topic and choosing a focus.  I decided on “How has baking evolved over time?”

Some other main inquiry ideas that I considered were “Baking vs Cooking”  “Cakes vs cupcakes”.

I chose “How has baking evolved over time?” because that is what I am most interested in learning about.  Learning about the basics will help me to be a better baker. Baking is a hobby of mine. I love baking and decorating.

I wanted to choose cupcakes but I had to broaden the topic.  I chose the evolution of baking to help me have a better understanding of baking.

A sub question is a question that supports your inquiry question.  My sub questions are: What is baking? How are baking recipes different today than they used to be? Do bakers use the same flavors as they used to?  How do bakers adjust recipes to accommodate food allergies? How has the popularity of baking shows on television affected cupcake sales? How has the baking materials change over time?

capstone Blog post #1

Have you ever done a capstone project? Well, capstone is a big research project that you pick a topic you are interested in and you do research. In my school, all 5th graders do this project.

 To start you have to pick a topic. I have always been interested in baking and art. I am pretty good at both of those things. Those were my two main topic choices that I automatically thought of. I was more leaning towards baking. So, that is what I choose.   

Now comes the hard part, the work part. I had to get to work. So I would not fall behind I had to brainstorm questions  that I would ask myself so I know what I am looking for in my research.

That is how I started my capstone I still have a long ways to go and that is just the beginning