capstone blog post #2

After finishing the first step of capstone, choosing a topic, I decided to research baking.  I had to choose a main inquiry question. A main inquiry question is narrowing down your topic and choosing a focus.  I decided on “How has baking evolved over time?”

Some other main inquiry ideas that I considered were “Baking vs Cooking”  “Cakes vs cupcakes”.

I chose “How has baking evolved over time?” because that is what I am most interested in learning about.  Learning about the basics will help me to be a better baker. Baking is a hobby of mine. I love baking and decorating.

I wanted to choose cupcakes but I had to broaden the topic.  I chose the evolution of baking to help me have a better understanding of baking.

A sub question is a question that supports your inquiry question.  My sub questions are: What is baking? How are baking recipes different today than they used to be? Do bakers use the same flavors as they used to?  How do bakers adjust recipes to accommodate food allergies? How has the popularity of baking shows on television affected cupcake sales? How has the baking materials change over time?

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