Capstone Blog Post # 3

The next step in the copstone proses is finding an interview site visit. Lucky for me, I flow a lot of Bakers on instagram so, I started texting them unforchinitly a lot of them did not write back. I waited days and days to see if they would write back they did not. So I texted some more people and finely someone wrote back. We emailed back and forth to figure out a date, time and location. I thought it would be best to meet at her shop so I could have my site visit there. When my mom and I got there we were surprised to see that her shop was under construction and there was nothing there.   I was disappointed to see that there we no kitchen and shop to look at. But I did get a lot of good information from the interview, that is really good. all though there was not much for me to see i still got a lot of good information. She answered all of me questions that I had planned and even so mure that i thought of on the stot. I am very happy with the way my capstone project is turning out so far.

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