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capstone blog post #2

After finishing the first step of capstone, choosing a topic, I decided to research baking.  I had to choose a main inquiry question. A main inquiry question is narrowing down your topic and choosing a focus.  I decided on “How has baking evolved over time?”

Some other main inquiry ideas that I considered were “Baking vs Cooking”  “Cakes vs cupcakes”.

I chose “How has baking evolved over time?” because that is what I am most interested in learning about.  Learning about the basics will help me to be a better baker. Baking is a hobby of mine. I love baking and decorating.

I wanted to choose cupcakes but I had to broaden the topic.  I chose the evolution of baking to help me have a better understanding of baking.

A sub question is a question that supports your inquiry question.  My sub questions are: What is baking? How are baking recipes different today than they used to be? Do bakers use the same flavors as they used to?  How do bakers adjust recipes to accommodate food allergies? How has the popularity of baking shows on television affected cupcake sales? How has the baking materials change over time?

capstone Blog post #1

Have you ever done a capstone project? Well, capstone is a big research project that you pick a topic you are interested in and you do research. In my school, all 5th graders do this project.

 To start you have to pick a topic. I have always been interested in baking and art. I am pretty good at both of those things. Those were my two main topic choices that I automatically thought of. I was more leaning towards baking. So, that is what I choose.   

Now comes the hard part, the work part. I had to get to work. So I would not fall behind I had to brainstorm questions  that I would ask myself so I know what I am looking for in my research.

That is how I started my capstone I still have a long ways to go and that is just the beginning  

immigration #2

The immigration interview was not really what I had expected it to be. I think this was because I did not know how she was going to react to the questions I had prepared to ask her.

The most interesting thing about the interview was all the cool things I got to learn about the person like why she immigrated, how she was feeling when she left and when she just arrived and so much more.

I had no challenges trying to plan a date that worked for both of us I this because my schedule is flexible and so is the person I decided to work with.

From this process I learned everybody’s life is different and some are more simple than others. That is totally fine.  


My teacher had told me and my class is going to be doing an immigration unit. We had to interview an immigrant that we knew. I went home thinking who am I going to interview, I thought about all of my relatives. None of them that immigrated are still alive. I started thinking about other people I might know, I thought of it! The person I thought of was Denisse. When I asked her if it would be okay to interview her she said yes. She immigrated her from Uruguay.  The next step after we found who you were going to interview was to prepare the questions we are doing to ask. That was pretty easy for me. it was easy because I am very interested in the topic.

Rube Goldberg 6

The deadline came to use so fast. We were struggling to finish on time. We were so nervous that we were not going to finst in time with only one day left to work.


We use every second that we had. We felt ready to start videoing. Attempt 1-7 were a dig fail but attempt 8 got very far it got all the way to the last step but the truck was not strong enough. In the end we got it done on attempt 28. We were so proud of ourselves that we got it done in time.


In the end, I think that rube goldberg was a fun project. Yes, at times we were so frustrated that we wanted to pull our hair out. I think that this is a good learning experience. It taught me to manage my time and to work better with people in my class. I just wanted to thank Gracie so much for being flexible with the whole thing. I couldn’t have done this without her.


Rube Goldberg #5

When we got back to work we really had to focus because if we did not we would not get the video done in time.

We realized that our original first step did not work so that meant we had to change the hole first step. It was very annoying and hard. But we got through it. We were so happy when we got it to work.

I will keep updating you.

Rube Goldberg #4

I Know I have not been that is posting a lot about Rube Goldberg this is because nothing is really going on and we had winter break. Both me and my partner were away. Then we were reminded of the deadline. It’s only a week away. My partner was going away next weekend. This meant we only had Monday Tuesday Wednesday to work. We were a little nervous.

We had a lot to do with all the videos, testing, We Videos and iMovies to get done. We were very nervous but we felt confident that we could get it done.

3rd Rube Goldberg blog post

My partner Gracie and I were so excited to start building our Rube Goldberg project.  To start, we built what we had planned to do on our sketch. We had to adjust a little because the tools didn’t exactly work the way we thought they would.  We were able to work together to try different things to find something that worked. We also got frustrated at times, especially with the dominoes that kept knocking each other down.  We had to reset them each time. We have not finished building yet we are still going through different options.


We will keep updating you through the process.