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immigration #2

The immigration interview was not really what I had expected it to be. I think this was because I did not know how she was going to react to the questions I had prepared to ask her.

The most interesting thing about the interview was all the cool things I got to learn about the person like why she immigrated, how she was feeling when she left and when she just arrived and so much more.

I had no challenges trying to plan a date that worked for both of us I this because my schedule is flexible and so is the person I decided to work with.

From this process I learned everybody’s life is different and some are more simple than others. That is totally fine.  

Colonial America Book Reflection

This year in fourth grade, we are studying about Colonial America. My teacher told me and my class that we were going to research and write a Colonial America book. We had to choose a topic. l chose a daily life of a colonial girl because I am a girl so it would be cool to see the difference between a girl from today and a girl from colonial times. Then my class and I started to do research on our topics. When l got enough research I organized it and wrote it down in my reading notebook. Once I organized my research that I wrote down in my reading notebook, I started to write in my pad of paper. When I was done writing on the pad of paper I started to type in Google docs. After I finished typing in Google docs I copied it in to Google slides. Then I added some pictures that go with my writing.

The most challenging part of doing the Colonial America book was chapter two because getting information on girls and how they lived in colonial times was difficult for me.

My favorite part of doing the Colonial America book was chapter one because I got to learn about a daily day in colonial life and I could compare it to my daily life. 

If I were to do this project again, it would be easier for me because now I know how to do the research and writing of the book. I really enjoyed this project, and hope you enjoy it too!