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capstone blog post #5

Have you ever wondered what baking really is? I know I have, I love to bake and I really wanted to know what it really is. When I was told that we are going to be doing a capstone project, I got to chose a topic that I was interested in, I knew what I was going to chose. If you are like me I would suggest reading what I have researched to help me answer my question. Baking is science, you may follow a recipe, scientist or bakers can spend days, weeks, months, or even years on trying to perfect the best  mix of ingredients. Once they find that, next they have to find the right oven temperature.


You may notice that most recipes say to heat the oven to 350 degrees fahrenheit. That is because, all ovens are a little different so 350 degrees fahrenheit is usually the perfect temperature for all ovens. The temperature of the oven is really important to get the color, taste and the moisture just right. When the temperature rises, a chemical process called Maillard Reaction, happens when proteins and sugars are combined. Proteins are what makes cookies brown. If you bake it at a too cool temperature, the cookies will dry out. If you bake it at a temperature that is too hot, they will burn. When cookie dough reaches 92 degrees fahrenheit, the butter melts which makes the cookie flat. At 136 degrees fahrenheit, germs will die off. At 144 degrees fahrenheit changes start happening to the protein which comes from the eggs. Water boils at 212 degrees fahrenheit.


You might not notice how easy baking materials are to use. For example, you just push a button and it combines the ingredients or heats the oven. Baking materials have changed a lot over time. Once the thermometer was made in 1714, it changed baking completely. It changed it because now bakers can know the exact temperature of the food or oven. In 1856, the first hand mixer was invented. In 1908, the first electric mixer was invented this was very good because it was easier for bakers to combine ingredients. Things got even easier when the stand mixer was invented in 1919.  The kitchenaid Artisan stand mixer is the top selling mixer in the world it is 4 and ½ quarts. Everyone loves it because it has very high performance. Over time the kitchenaid stand mixer design has gotten smaller so they would fit into home. They used to be sold door to door. It weighed 65 pounds! Kitchenaid stand mixers last for a long time without braking. The original kitchenaid stander color was white now they come in so many different colors. There are so many different attachments that you can bye, for the kitchenaid stand mixer such as the food grinder, the slicer, the shredder, the juicer, the strainer, the pasta roller and the cutter. You can even  make ice cream and baby food with the kitchenaid stand mixer. Over all you can see that the kitchenaid stand mixer has evolved a lot over time. I think the it is a great product. When the convection oven first came out in 1956 it changed the world of baking. It did this by baking the food more evenly with the use of a heating element and a fan.


If you are a baker like me you may think to yourself have recipes changed at all over time? I was wondering that until I did some research. The recipes of the girl scout cookies have changed a lot in the past 96 years. Flavors have also changed the first cookie was a simple sugar cookie. If you use a recipe from a long long time ago you may see that the recipe calls for 30 or more egg you may think to yourself that is so many eggs that is more than two dozen eggs. You are right that is more than you need the reason for this is because the eggs a long long time ago were much smaller than they are now you can fix this be using a ½ or even a ⅓ of what the recipe calls for. Ingredients have also changed because ingredients have been getting imported and exported from other countries. Some examples are vanilla bean, cocoa bean, which makes chocolate, and maize. Maize is used to make flour. Think about how much we use vanilla, flour and cocoa in our baking.


You may think to yourself, how do bakers adjust recipes to accommodate food allergies?  The food allergen labels and Consumer Protection Act of 2009 requires companies to list the top 8 food allergens, which are: milk, eggs, peanuts, wheat, soy, fish, shellfish and tree nuts. Some common food substitutes for wheat are: barley flour, cornstarch to thicken recipes or rice flour. Substitutes for milk are rice milk, soy milk, almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk and canola oil in place of butter. Substitutes for eggs are: potato starch and tapioca.


Another thing that people may wonder about is how has the popularity of baking shows on television affected bakery item sales? According to Mintel-Consumer Market Research Companies, couples are trading in elaborate wedding cakes for cupcakes at their weddings. The cupcake trend was a counter-trend to people incorporating healthier options into their diets. Cupcake sales increased following consumer trend of affordable indulgence. Additionally, supermarkets are expanding their bakeries to sell more cupcakes.


That you for listening, I hope you learned more about how has baking evolved over time. I hope you enjoyed.  


capstone blog post #4

I told my teacher about the little issue I had with my site visit, she said it would be okay if I go a little over the do date and skule another site visit. I did I decided to the site visit someone lockley so it would be easy to get to them. When I got to the site visit the people there were very nice and helpful. The site visit was surprising very short It was only 20 minutes. I thought the site visit was very helpful and I got a lot of pictures. I got to go behind the counter and they told me that they change the cookies that they sell once a week. In the kitchen they had a really big mixer they also had a really big fridge, it was really hectic there was bakers running around everywhere trying to finish the cake that they are working on. Overall I think that it was helpful and I learned a lot.         

Capstone Blog Post # 3

The next step in the copstone proses is finding an interview site visit. Lucky for me, I flow a lot of Bakers on instagram so, I started texting them unforchinitly a lot of them did not write back. I waited days and days to see if they would write back they did not. So I texted some more people and finely someone wrote back. We emailed back and forth to figure out a date, time and location. I thought it would be best to meet at her shop so I could have my site visit there. When my mom and I got there we were surprised to see that her shop was under construction and there was nothing there.   I was disappointed to see that there we no kitchen and shop to look at. But I did get a lot of good information from the interview, that is really good. all though there was not much for me to see i still got a lot of good information. She answered all of me questions that I had planned and even so mure that i thought of on the stot. I am very happy with the way my capstone project is turning out so far.


My teacher had told me and my class is going to be doing an immigration unit. We had to interview an immigrant that we knew. I went home thinking who am I going to interview, I thought about all of my relatives. None of them that immigrated are still alive. I started thinking about other people I might know, I thought of it! The person I thought of was Denisse. When I asked her if it would be okay to interview her she said yes. She immigrated her from Uruguay.  The next step after we found who you were going to interview was to prepare the questions we are doing to ask. That was pretty easy for me. it was easy because I am very interested in the topic.

Rube Goldberg 6

The deadline came to use so fast. We were struggling to finish on time. We were so nervous that we were not going to finst in time with only one day left to work.


We use every second that we had. We felt ready to start videoing. Attempt 1-7 were a dig fail but attempt 8 got very far it got all the way to the last step but the truck was not strong enough. In the end we got it done on attempt 28. We were so proud of ourselves that we got it done in time.


In the end, I think that rube goldberg was a fun project. Yes, at times we were so frustrated that we wanted to pull our hair out. I think that this is a good learning experience. It taught me to manage my time and to work better with people in my class. I just wanted to thank Gracie so much for being flexible with the whole thing. I couldn’t have done this without her.


Rube Goldberg #5

When we got back to work we really had to focus because if we did not we would not get the video done in time.

We realized that our original first step did not work so that meant we had to change the hole first step. It was very annoying and hard. But we got through it. We were so happy when we got it to work.

I will keep updating you.

3rd Rube Goldberg blog post

My partner Gracie and I were so excited to start building our Rube Goldberg project.  To start, we built what we had planned to do on our sketch. We had to adjust a little because the tools didn’t exactly work the way we thought they would.  We were able to work together to try different things to find something that worked. We also got frustrated at times, especially with the dominoes that kept knocking each other down.  We had to reset them each time. We have not finished building yet we are still going through different options.


We will keep updating you through the process.

Blog post #2


Me and my partner Gracie were so excited to sketching. We started! All was going well until step #4. We were stuck. We kept on stressing out. We thought we wouldn’t make the deadline.


Finally! We got ideas. One night, Gracie and her mom were looking on the computer for ideas. It was a miricale. They found a video with a bunch of inspiration that lead to other videos. From there, it was easy. We got the sketch finished.

I will keep on updating you on the process.

1st Rube Goldberg Blog Post

My class has start the rube goldberg unit!I am excited for the process. I always have been looking forward to doing this project.

To start, we had to make a few decisions. One of them was if you were going to work with a partner, or alone. If you were working with a partner, how many? And have to live 5-10 minutes away.

I decided to work with one partner. Her name is Gracie. I chose Gracie because she is very nice, flexible, and kind-hearted. She lives 3 minutes away from where I live.    

The next thing we had to decide is what our goal is going to be. A goal is a simple task that the Rube Goldberg machine would have to complete. Our goal is to get a car down a ramp.

Soon, we will start sketching. I’ll update you what comes next!

Tundra by Logan

Towards the end of the year my teacher asked my class and I to do a ecosystem project I choose the tundra. But before we got to do anything  we had to research. When we were had enough research we went to the computer lad in our school. we had to draw out a story board and sketch the pictures than we wanted and figured out the words that we wanted basted on our research. When we where done with our story board we had to do a we video that is a app were you can make videos. We had to look for pictures and I did some recordings. Then we were finished