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Colonial America Book Reflection

This year in fourth grade, we are studying about Colonial America. My teacher told me and my class that we were going to research and write a Colonial America book. We had to choose a topic. l chose a daily life of a colonial girl because I am a girl so it would be cool to see the difference between a girl from today and a girl from colonial times. Then my class and I started to do research on our topics. When l got enough research I organized it and wrote it down in my reading notebook. Once I organized my research that I wrote down in my reading notebook, I started to write in my pad of paper. When I was done writing on the pad of paper I started to type in Google docs. After I finished typing in Google docs I copied it in to Google slides. Then I added some pictures that go with my writing.

The most challenging part of doing the Colonial America book was chapter two because getting information on girls and how they lived in colonial times was difficult for me.

My favorite part of doing the Colonial America book was chapter one because I got to learn about a daily day in colonial life and I could compare it to my daily life. 

If I were to do this project again, it would be easier for me because now I know how to do the research and writing of the book. I really enjoyed this project, and hope you enjoy it too!

Poem Reflection and Poems

I finished my poetry unit, and I loved writing a lot of poems.  My favorite two were Flip Flop and S’mores. Flip Flop was my favorite because it had repeating words and it had a nice rhythm. My second favorite was S’mores because I wrote about each layer of the S’more and it turned out to be really cute.


Flip-Flop                                                 S’mores  

In the beach house                                Fluffy Fluffy

Flip-Flop                                                 I love to roast Marshmallows

Down stairs                                            Yum Yum

Flip-Flop                                                 Sweet Sweet

Outside                                                    Chocolate melts in my mouth

Flip-Flop                                                 Yum Yum

In the grass                                            Crunch crunch

Flip-Flop                                                Graham cracker finishes off a sandwich

IN THE BEACH                                    Yum Yum






“One Plastic Bag” by Miranda Paul  is mainly about that plastic bags are bad for the environment.  A goat can eat a plastic bag and die because the goat doesn’t know the plastic bag is not food.  So Isatou cleans up all the plastic bags from off the ground and she washes them and makes them into money bags that have pretty designs on them. Isatou cleaned up the plastic bags because she wanted to help the goats so they don’t die.  Isatou didn’t know littering plastic bags was bad for the environment. I think Isatou did something really good to help the goats.


The sisters of Bali were working hard to ban plastic bags in Bali and they achieved what they set out to do.  First they went to a lot of places and talked to a lot of people about banning plastic bags. They talked to kids and made a petition. They talked to the president of Bali and he agreed to stop using plastic bags. The sisters were so excited that their hard work paid off. I am glad that the sisters were able to make Bali beautiful again!