My group worked hard on sanding the bottles and making the wings and taping the wings to the bottle. We worked hard on cutting cardboard and hot gluing the wings into place. We have worked on making our rocket for about one week. We started with collecting bottles for our group. Then We started to draw out what we thought could be a rocket design for our rocket. Then we made the wings and the place to put the wings on. we hot glued them and now we have our rocket. Before we even made the rocket though we had to research the three laws of motion and find out how rockets work and we put it on a inspiration board and this is it. just yestersday we used kalometers they measure how many meters our rocket goes up. Just now on the 10/20/17 we have got our nose cones for our rockets and our nose cone for our group was to big. We three -d- printed them and now we are making a knew one. It was a learning experience for us but I hope our second one will be good. Two days ago we were discusing about what jobs people will have and we are just putting the final touches of the rocket together and can’t wait for launch on monday stay here to know what happened.


My class has been working hard on researching Isaac Newton and have now started on making water rockets. We are are using all different kinds of material. Cardboard, styrofoam, duck tape and bottles etc. We are hoping to launch our rockets on the 23 of October. We have also taken our Isaac Newton research and made it into a timeline of his life. I have also been looking forward to the things that we will do later in science. We could be doing anything from making a moving robot to a fan but right now we have finished our Isaac Newton Infographic and working on our final touches on our rocket and ready to launch in a week. You might be thinking how we would get the rocket to launch we are using a bike pump, a launch pad and a rope that makes the rocket get out from the metal bars that are holding it in place. Together it looks like the picture at the bottom and that is how our rockets are going to launch. Stay on my blog for more science.


My P.S.A. is about the rainforest and how they are dying. This video is my P.S.A. and it hopefully shows you how what is going on to this ecosystem is not good so save the green and help save the rainforest. Rainforest are dying and it is time to take a stand for the rainforest they are a great part of nature and they should stay. So help save the rainforest and save the green.


Dude Perfect

I have watched all the dude perfect videos and they are so cool and dude perfect does the coolest trick shots. Dude perfect are five men that have a huge office and they make videos. I will show you one down here.

NHL Playoffs

The NHL playoffs are going on right now and the playoffs in hockey are very interesting. In the playoffs the teams who are playing hav
e to beat the other team 4 times out of seven best of seven. In the playoffs teams are much more physical, faster and more nerv raking than a regular season game. If you like hockey you can watch a playoff game right now and watch how.



I play golf on my country club team and it is not an easy game. When you play golf most rounds are 3 and a half to 4 and a half ours long. When you play golf you have to have strength, posture, flexibility and anger control. Golf could be a frustrating game, you could hit in in the water the sand trap or get a triple bogey. So if you ever try to play golf have fun get better and keep control of your anger.


I love sports and maybe you like sports to. I play Golf, Hockey,Lacrosse and Soccer. When you play sports sports are usually games that include exercise and running. I loved to playing sports since I was 5. If you ever want to play sports they could be the best thing for you and you could take them to the next level.

Sleapaway Camp

I go to sleapaway camp and my first year there I got so many new friends got a lot of new hobbies and had a lot of fun. Leaving your parents for 7 weeks is hard but its worth it sleapaway camp is the best. I go to Brant Lake Camp for boys sports camp. There i found so many friends and things to do. When you go to camp you might find yourself in heaven.

About ice Hockey

 love ice hockey it is my favorite sport and i would love to share out the game of hockey to you. In ice hockey you first need to know how to skate but then you have to get to the basics of ice hockey, first if you are a righty you have your left hand at the top of the stick and your right hand in the middle with the stick going left to right. If you are a lefty it is the exact oppsite way. Now we cold get into the history about ice hockey. When ice hockey started in Canada the skates were made of bones and sticks were shorter and made from actual sticks or bones. The game of ice hockey was just for fun until 1917 and the NHL  was started. NHL stands for National Hockey Association. There started with very little teams playing the game and now 30 teams play to win the Stanley cup. The Stanley cup has been around since 1917 and the canadiens have won 24 times that’s the most.



Stargirl is now interacting with things that people at her school and people at her school now are watching these activities. I think that Stargirl is so ordinary that people like her so much that they want to watch her and be with her. This later in the story people will like Stargirl more than Hillary Cimball and Hillary Cimball and she might do something to the school.