Nerdy Derby

Today on 3/19/18 in school we had a challenge called the nerdy derby. It is a challenge where you make your own cars and race them down a track to see whose is the fastest and more. We made our cars out of lego’s, wood, pompoms cardboard and more. It was very fun and most of all it was a great experience of engineering to see how cars or other objects can go faster or slower.

Fish In A Tree

Right now I am reading Fish In A Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. The main character is Ally. She is a very smart girl who is very shy. The reason for why she is a trouble maker and she is a trouble maker because when she try’s so hard to not show her secret of dyslexia she gets in trouble because she doesn’t behave normally. dyslexia is a general term for disorders that involve difficulty in learning to read or interpret words, letters, and other symbols, but that do not affect general intelligence. In the book so far Ally has lots of trouble facing this challenge. One example of her facing this challenge is, when she goes to school every day there is a group of bulleys that taunt her and annoy her all day because she can’t read very well. Another problem that she faces with this challenge is, even when she is not in school she can’t understand what she is reading not just a book. A poster, directions for something, labels and more.

In the book they have not told us what exactly Ally does at home alone but from my perspective I would say she is probably at home thinking about all the mean kids who taunted her that day and what she might have gotten in trouble for that day or what school might be like the next day. She might also be thinking about how school would be like if she didn’t have dyslexia. I feel so bad for ally that she has to get introuble just so that nobody will know about her dyslexia secret. I also feel bad for Ally because when going to school feeling like your walking through the doors of horror every day would be super annoying.

Water Filters

In science our class has been working on making water filters. The goal for our water filters is each group is given a bottle of contaminated water and has to try to take the contaminants and the color out of the dirty water. All of the groups have had different ideas and different designs to there filters. Some groups change the design add to the design and eventually try to end with clean drinking water. Some of the materials that groups have used are cotton balls, coffee filters, sand, gravel and mesh. Most groups have discovered that sand and gravel works the best.

Over all the project is to learn more about pollution and how important clean water is for humans. In the project we documented,scetched and brainstormed. There were five different levels for how your filter cleaned the water.

5 4 3 2 1
Nothing happened to the water Some contaminents came out of the water Some contaminents came out of the water and some color came out of the water All contaminents out and mostly all color All color and contaminents out of the water/clean

Before we started the project of making water filters we read a book called Salila’s Turtle. The book is about a girl who is trying to save a little turtle from polluted water. The girl trys to clean the water and learn about what causes the water to be polluted and a solution. That is what we were trying to  do make a solution to make clean water.

When doing this project together with my group, we started brainstorming and came up with an idea. The idea was to have mesh and then a coffee filter and then at the bottom of the bottle have some sand and gravel. This idea gave us a four and then we made a different idea. Our new idea brought us to a three we did not like that but then we thought to double the filtration. We took our level three water and put it back into a new filter and we came out with a one point five. We were very proud of this so we kept trying double and triple filtration.  

Immigration Movies


On 2/28/18 My partner Om and I finished our immigration stop motion movie. The movie is about the immigrants arriving at Ellis Island and the process they need to go through to become citizens. We worked for about two months on this project making a script, background, characters and other props for the scenes. Other groups in our class worked on different parts of the immigration process and some other facts and differences of back then and now. When working on this project I learned a few different things then just the process of immigration. I learned that 2 percent of the people who got to Ellis Island got sent back to their country because they had disease. I also learned that for some people the process of getting t their final destination like New York City or Manhattan took only an hour because they had no disease or someone was waiting for them. Some people who got to Ellis Island the process took months. This project of working on American immigration was so much fun and exciting to make movies on what we learned. down below is a video of our immigration stop motion movie.

A Long Walk To Water

In my class right now we are reading a book called A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park. It is about a boy named Salva who’s his story was set in 1985 and a girl named Nya who’s story was set in 2008. The chapters would switch off from 1985 to 2008. Both children are from Africa and are from rival tribes. Salva has no family left and have been walking for months without much water or food. Nya is walking every day for three hours to walk to the pond and three hours back to get water for her family. In the book there are a lot of traits of leadership shown by Salva, here are some of the qualities of and effective leader. In life the qualities of an effective leader are someone who does not give up on his/her team tribe or friends. Keeps his/her head up and never gets down on him/her self. In the book A Long Walk To Water Salva shows some of these character traits in his story.

One example of Salva being a leader is, Salva’s uncle got shot by two men of the rival tribe right in front of him, and he did not give up and kept walking with his head high and his hopes too. Another reason why Salva is a leader is because he kept walking with all the other homeless boys going to the same destination as Salva and Salva never pouted never stopped walking never stopped trying and definitely never stopped hoping.

For me Salva makes me think that perseverance is so Important because if you don’t have perseverance and you give up you will never be able to complicate anything in your life. This book also helps me want to persevere ore because Salva persevered his whole life to finish his walk to Kenya and accomplished his goal. So if I work hard in my life I can probably accomplish my goal to.

It makes me think of how much more I should appreciate the things I have and to not get upset about small things, like not being able to go to a friends house, while these two boys the same age as me had no food, water or family and are literally watching their friends and family be killed right in front of them.

Immigration Filming

Today on 2/5/18 My partner Om and I started working our immigration stop motion videos. We are working on showing of how the immigrants arrived at Ellis Island. We will be working on this for a good amount of time it should be very fun and I hope that Om and I will make a great video of how the immigrants arrived at Ellis Island. I am so excited.

Rube Goldberg Successes

When my partner Om and I were working on our Rube Goldberg we had many fails but we also had many successes. Some elements always worked, like the planks hitting the door and our baseball ramp.  Our hot wheels car worked very efficiently and our ball pipe worked as well. I was most surprised that the cup pulley to release the marbles and the pulley to let the car go actually worked! These were all of our successes and we had a great experience building the Rube Goldberg.

Rube Goldberg Challenges

On 1/6/18 my partner Om and I finished our Rube Goldberg project for school. It was built on two different levels of Om’s house and it had many pulleys, electric cars and dominoes and more but here were some of our challenges. One of our biggest challenges was in design one our water pulley would not pull the soda can very well which was our starting point of our Rube Goldberg. Another challenge in design one was going down the kitchen stairs the car would not hit the dominoes at the bottom of the stairs. In design 2 we had a problem when the marbles to start the hot wheels car was getting stuck a lot at the end of the marble run track and also that the plastic ball that went down the stairs would sometimes miss the incline plane at the bottom of the stairs. Our last challenge was when the second hot wheels car in the basement got hit into the engine it sometimes did not hit the dominoes on the other side. These challenges made me realize that we needed to change things in our project.

Rube Goldberg Final

On January 6th 2018 my partner Om and I finished our Rube Goldberg. It had 24 steps and many simple machines. It took us 13 hours to finish the hard, two-story Rube Goldberg but it was definitely worth it. There are two videos included in this post. The first one at the bottom is how our Rube Goldberg works. The second one here at the top is the try that was successful.

Rube Goldberg Journey

Today on 1/7/18 I am writing about my journey of making the Rube Goldberg with my partner. We started the experiment in 5-B on 1/2/18 we finished surprisingly early, but we had 50 fails along the way. It took us 51 tries until it worked. My friend and I learned in this experience that you must have a lot of patience to have things work the right way. Sometimes Om and I lost our patience when things went wrong. We had also learned that over time things were not working well and we took parts of the Rube Goldberg apart and put new pieces in. Eventually through trial and error we had success.