Blog Post #1

This week for technology we did a Nearpod about adhesives. It was about different types of glue and how to glue them. I found learning about different glues very instresting and made the time I was was doing the work really fun. I really liked the part about how to glue. It was intresting because it taught me how to make little guides when you glue. Overall I found the Nearpod really fun and interesting.

Spreadsheets: Wellness Log

For this week’s assignment, I had to make a spreadsheet with a chart on it.  I made a P.E. wellness log and I had to fill in how long I did certain activities for.  I wrote about how long i walked for, how long i rode my bike for and how much baseball I played. On my spreadsheet I put the activities on one side and my total hours for each day on the bottom. On the other side, I put the average time I was doing the activity for the week.  This spreadsheet helped me to stay organized and track my exercise for the week.


Swift Playgrounds 3 (“Answers”)

For this week, I had to make a coding project with questions. My questions are what is  your favorite baseball team, who is your favorite player on that team, and what stadium does your team play at. It was challenging writing my code directly into the platform Instead of tapping on it because I messed up a few times and I did not know what I did wrong, but then I figured it out. Also I found this interesting because I could write surveys and gather information with this skill in the future.


Swift Playgrounds 2

The puzzle focused on the coding concept, creating a new function. What I found challenging when I did the puzzle was that I wrote the code in the wrong box and I thought it was right. Finally I realized my mistake and put the code in the right box. The code worked perfect in the end. Overall coding is challenging for me, because I have not done much coding before.




About Me

My About Me project is all about me! I used Tynker to code my project. In the beginning  I found it pretty easy, well I was wrong. I added actors and music. The actors explain who I am and some of my favorite things. I used one of the Looks blocks that made a speech bubble. I haven’t used Tynker that much before and I think the platform is pretty neat and getting a bit easier.

Computer science is changing everything

I found the lettuce bot interesting because who would think a computer could help people plant food? The lettuce bot is a big invention because it is a cheaper and faster way to plant lettuce. The lettuce bot plants 1.5 million seeds an hour, a human can not plant that many seeds in an hour. It seems like the lettuce bot does not need to take breaks, while humans do. I learned that computers can help people more than I imagined and that will help make life MUCH easier.

Blog Post #3

For my Capstone project I did a video. I did a video because I did not need to memorize the script and I was comfortable using this format. I also did two other videos this year which gave me experience making videos. I enjoyed making my final Project because I did so much work and loved learning more about Pearl Harbor, which has always been fascinating to me. I also enjoyed finding pictures because they were historical which I find interesting. One problem I had was that my video was too long because I had so much information so I needed to get rid of some slides. I was looking forward to sharing my project because I wanted people to enjoy it and learn from it. Overall I think my video was an accomplishment and I learned a tremendous amount of history about Pearl Harbor. 


This is my video: