Lanch reflection

When we launched our rockets it was really exciting. When we launched I had no idea what to expect. Before we could launch, we had to make inspiration boards. Inspiration boards were the first thing we did in the process. What we did for inspiration boards is we collected pictures of rockets and information about rockets. Making our inspiration boards was very fun and helpful because we were finding all these facts about rockets. I did not know that rocketry was that interesting. After our inspiration boards, we had to make blue prints for our rockets.  After that we made the rockets.  For the rockets we used tape, cardboard, paper, and hot glue.



Launch 2

For Launch 2, I was not there. Our group, the New Newtons, changed our first rocket by adding two new fins and a new nosecone. The day of Launch 2 was very windy. Our rocket went only 24.5 meters compared to our first launch of 28.5 meters. I felt the result of Launch 2 was due to the windy conditions. I also did not think that our nosecone was as effective as our first one. Our second nosecone had a ridge in the tape which might have slowed down the rocket as it went up. Overall, our group worked very well together. Our rocket was successful on both launches. At least our launches did not explode! One thing that I learned about Rocketry is that the rocket being aerodynamic makes a big difference. Rocketry was a BLAST!

This is my Rocketry movie.



My name is Leo I am kind like my mind I am thoughtful like my pride I love my teacher Mrs Grossbach she is like my kindness my friends are grate like my pride.



Kindness is never dull in your life it is something evreyone has you just have to let it shine through your kind loving skin believe in your self.



Love is beautiful it is something you gave just show it know one will be mad.


Comic Slideshow Reflection

I applied the research process to my cultural universal project by writing information in my Cultural Universal Comic packet. I then took the information and put it into my slideshow. I researched about politics by learning about how the government is organized. I used the research on social aspects to learn about food, research on economics to discuss jobs and resources, learned through my research about the religions of Canada, and that hockey is their number one sport (cultural arts). The title of my slideshow is “Canada: Cultural Universals”. My favorite part of the project was creating my tour guide. My guide was a robot that had a silverish color. I liked this the best because we were able to use Google Draw and use all these different shapes. The most challenging aspect was getting enough information in a limited amount of time

Cultural Universals Blog Post


This blog post is about the cultural universals of Scarsdale, NY. Cultural universals are politics, beliefs, social aspects, economics and cultural arts.



Dan Hochvert is the mayor in Scarsdale.  His responsibilities are to run the the village trustee meetings and he speaks at the Little League opening day ceremony.  The governor of NYS is Andrew Cuomo. He also has the responsibilities to enforce state laws, to approve or veto laws passed by the NY State Legislature.  People who set the rules in my house are my mom and dad so I don’t go crazy. In my house it is important to have a healthy food before dessert, so I can stay healthy.  



The school that I go to is Heathcote.  I go to school 6 hours per day. My favorite subject is social studies/history.  Some different things I do in 3rd grade is math, reading, instrumental music and test prep. The things that I do on the weekends are watch TV, play baseball and stay up late. The baseball team that I’m on is The Blue Rocks..



A family celebration is Thanksgiving. A family tradition is on your birthday you are in charge. This tradition started when I was little. One thing that my family believes in is being kind to others.



My favorite movie is Bad News Bears. I like it because it is funny. My favorite song is “One Song Glory”. My favorite plays are Rent and Hamilton. My favorite museum is the Transit Museum because  it’s full of old trains.


Plant Blog Post #3

 This is plant post three. This post will be about pollination. Pollination is when a bee or any pollinating insect pollinates a flower. Then it will turn into a fruit or seed pod.

We have been pollinating the last several days. First, the petals came off and then the flowers  started getting seed pods.


Our tallest plant was 12cm and the others were 10cm,8cm 10 and a half cm.

The plants are all still green.

Our plants still have 4 leaves.

One plant has one flower.


Our tallest plant was 12cm and the others were 8cm and 10cm

The plants have some red and green.

Our plants still have four leaves.

Our plant has  one flower.

I predict this week that our plants will get some seed pods.

Plant Post #2

This is blog post 2. I am going to update you with the measurements of the plants over the last 2 to 3 weeks. These are the very important updates.


On June 1st the highest the controlled plant had grown was 8 cm in cell 2. By June 5th the highest the controlled plant was 14 cm in cell 3. The plants now have buds and some of the buds have bloomed into yellow flowers.


On June 1st the highest manipulated plant was 12 cm. It has grown really tall. We have been watering the manipulated plants with red food coloring. One of the cells has a little speck of red on the plant stem. The manipulated plants have two flowers, the same as the controlled plants.


We have noticed that the manipulated plants are a little bit shorter than the controlled plants. They have the same number of flowers, and the flowers are both yellow. I think the manipulated plants are a little shorter because they are adjusting to the food coloring.

Plant Post #1

 In class we are studying a plant unit in science.  When we started to plant we put wicks into each cell.  We have wicks so when we have no school they can suck up water from the felt and give it to the plants. Then we put some dirt in the cells half way up.  Then we put in 3 fertilizer pellets then we added more soil. We used an index finger to make a hole in the dirt. We put 2 seeds in each cell. We then covered up each cell with more soil to the top.  


We have two quads, one is controlled and one is manipulated. The controlled is everything stays the same, we don’t change anything.  We are giving the controlled 5 drops of water, same amount of sunlight using the plant light, same soil, fertilizer, and 2 seeds. On day 3 the plant started growing and it was 1 cm.  On day 3 there was 4 leaves and it was green. On day 7 in cell 1 it is 3cm . The highest plant is 4cm in cell 2 and has 4 leaves.


On day 6 we added 1 variable which was red food coloring. We are following the scientific method. Our scientific question is what is the effect of altered water on plant growth?  Our hypothesis is if I add food coloring then I think it will still grow because the water is just a different color. I also wonder if the plant turns red.


Technology is…

Technology  solves problems  and it makes life easier for people.  My object is a scissor and it is technology because it helps people cut. If you are doing a project and if you have to cut something out, you can put it on your project.  Before they invented scissors they had rip paper instead cutting it.  If you rip paper it isn’t as neat as cutting paper.  My scissors are made out of metal and plastic.  It is light, hard, smooth, rigid, colored, and is both pointed and flat.




maglev train day 1

A maglev train has no wheels.  It floats over the track track and goes really fast.  It works by electromagnets and that’s how it moves. My groups plan was to have 12 circle magnets on the track. For the train we used five circular magnets. This did not work so we had to change this plan.


Today we used two strip magnets for the train and for the track.  This worked because the magnets were even. Then we used twelve circular magnets for the track and one strip magnet in the middle of the track.  For the train, we used five circular magnets. These ideas didn’t work because they were not lined up correctly.


My experience with my group was good because we all listened to each other, shared ideas and did not fight.  We talked to each other to figure out how to make the train float and that worked well. It was challenging to get the train to float.