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The importance of safety googles

saftey googles are very important, because they can protect your face from getting thing flown at you and so you cant burn your face. One example is that you can be sawing and peace of plastic or what ever mitral… Continue Reading →

Blue print

your blue print is what you use for your flashlight.  The blue print is important because it gives you they measurements of you tools. For example how long your wire should be. Also the blue print is imoptant because it… Continue Reading →

Self driving cars

today we learned about self driving cars. currently google was the first to put a self driving car on the road. self driving aren’t avavilbel to buy yet. you can only use them if you are a tester for the… Continue Reading →


all atoms are very small some might even call it microscopic. All of matter is made up of atoms the earth is created by atoms. The items that make up an atom is nucleus, inside the nucleus there is protein… Continue Reading →

escape the room

hey guys welcome back to my blog. yeaserday in computer tec we did breackout edu. we were split in into two groups depending on what side of the room you were on. there were three locks on a box and… Continue Reading →

Scarsdale Pool Kayaking Trip

              Today in this post I will be talking about going Kayaking. Did you know that the life vest is not going to save your life it can suffocate you, if you put it… Continue Reading →

Because Of Mr. Terup

In this book response I will be talking about “because of Mr. Terup”, by Rob Bu-yea. I’d give this book about four and a half because it is a  very unique book. It’s end has a very surprising ending because… Continue Reading →


Have you ever been to Texas?  Well let me tell you why you should go, to Huston Texas because it has great food and great places to go  if you like than Texas is the place to go people.  … Continue Reading →


Hello, today I will be talking about Burrata. It is a restaurant located in Eastchester. It has a lot of Italian food there. I think that this restaurant is five stars. Here’s some of the foods. For appetizers they offer… Continue Reading →


Hi my name is Lilly I love playing the piano, theater and soft ball. Here’s what I will be posting about my life. Here’s what I’m going to be writing about piano and maybe some other things. If you want… Continue Reading →

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