Scarsdale Pool Kayaking Trip

              Today in this post I will be talking about going Kayaking. Did you know that the life vest is not going to save your life it can suffocate you, if you put it on incorrectly.  It’s actually not called a life vest it is called  a personal flotation device (PFD).  



              There are many different kinds of boats. The Jaxson, White Water, Stand Up Paddle board and touring boat.  It was very interesting because I never been kayaking in the Scarsdale Pool before.   Here’s what I did, there was a main pool that had two floats we had to go around them two or three times then hand it off to the next person.


          Wet Exit is a  capsize.  Here’s how you do it, at the end you stay in the Kayak and put your head to your knees and violently  shift back and forth, eventually you will fall off and go into the water.  You need to take your  Kayak  out of the water so the  Kayak will not get filled with water. 


             Kayaking is very fun so when you go,  make sure to try all of these things.  


Because Of Mr. Terup

In this book response I will be talking about “because of Mr. Terup”, by Rob Bu-yea. I’d give this book about four and a half because it is a  very unique book. It’s end has a very surprising ending because something bad happens. The name of the title is all lowercase because Mr. Terup is very loose teacher and lets thing go, he has a way of learning. The genre of the book is realistic fiction I know this because it could happen in life there are no mythical creatures. The book is about a new teacher whose name is Mr. Terup, there are students that are all different students. Class clown, Drama Queen, New Girl, farmer, parents who want him to attend prep school, the smart one  and the shy girl. All in the same class needs to learn to work together but when there teachers in the hospital what are they going to do.  See the people’s perspective of why they are like this and how they feel about the situation.

            In the book because of Mr. Terupt,  Mr. Terupt  is very let kids do what they want I know this because. When the class earned they’re party they went outside and Mr. Turept got hurt I’m not going to tell you how because, I don’t want to give away the book. Another example is when, the class was doing guess how long the field was Jeffrey hit some of the girls and Mr. Terupt don’t do anything about it that was two examples of how he is loose.

To could this now you know a little bit more about the book read it and find out how if Mr. Terupt  lives or not?



Have you ever been to Texas?  Well let me tell you why you should go, to Huston Texas because it has great food and great places to go  if you like than Texas is the place to go people.


The food is the best because it has lots of barbecue food  and many more. My favorite barbecue restaurant is called Good Company Barbecue. If you want Mexican food go to Good Company taquara, if you want seafood go to Good  Company Seafood.  My favorite place to get food is Benjamin it has very good sandwich once I had one that had breHomemade and, chicken, tomato, lettuce potato chips and more chicken it was so good  . The food they’re is very nice.  It’s delicious you should go there if you like Italian food.


Some of the best place to is the children’s museum of Houston Many activities like an obstacle course that goes up and up till you reach a hundred feet. There are also many activities if you like to invest, you can make all sorts of models of plans with. Paper , glue , straw and strings with a test glider that has a big tunnel of air so your invention will go up to the top and the down.


To conclude this now you know why Texas is a great place to visit it has great places and great food. It is not at all what people think.



Hello, today I will be talking about Burrata. It is a restaurant located in Eastchester. It has a lot of Italian food there. I think that this restaurant is five stars.
Here’s some of the foods. For appetizers they offer meatballs with sauce, white bread and Burrata it is so good. Salads are one of my favorites.
Don’t worry there is more appetizers there. There is pizza, pasta , calamari, for dessert there is nutella pizza with strawberries, fruit cups and fruit ice cream. There is no kids menus because there is pizza and pasta. Heres a link to the new menu.
The service is very nice they come to your table as soon as they have time, but the one thing is they do not take reservations under six. The restaurant is very elegant because there is a brick oven, and a bar. You can see them make pizza. I would recommend you going because everybody is very kind, don’t care if you watch them make pizza. The best seating is the table in front of the fire.
To conclude this I think that everybody who likes Italian food should go there. Their service is very nice and the food comes very quickly, you do not need to wait a long time. The time when it’s the worst time to come is six to six-thirty.


Hi my name is Lilly I love playing the piano, theater and soft ball. Here’s what I will be posting about my life. Here’s what I’m going to be writing about piano and maybe some other things. If you want me to write something specific, write a comment of what I should write.

Once I was playing for so long, My babysitter said “stop so I could do homework,” I can play lots of songs.” “Another time this happened to me was when I was playing Fur Elise my hands starting hurting because I was playing so much.” “A last example is when When I was playing a song called Rap City I worked so hard it sounded great!”

My favorite sport is softball, Once it was a sunny day so I was playing softball ”I was told to stop hitting the ball out side outside of my backyard.” “I love bunting and playing first base. Another time was a soft ball practice I was working on pitching I tried so hard then I got it.”

I live with my parents and my brother and sister I live in Scarsdale. My main languages are English and Spanish I’ve been speaking Spanish since I was three. I never had a English babysitter.”

I’ve been in a least 20 plays I took at least 10 different acting class and at least 5 different spinning classes. The thing I like about theater is you can be anybody you want to be and it clears my mind, about everything that’s happening.“