Hello, today I will be talking about Burrata. It is a restaurant located in Eastchester. It has a lot of Italian food there. I think that this restaurant is five stars.
Here’s some of the foods. For appetizers they offer meatballs with sauce, white bread and Burrata it is so good. Salads are one of my favorites.
Don’t worry there is more appetizers there. There is pizza, pasta , calamari, for dessert there is nutella pizza with strawberries, fruit cups and fruit ice cream. There is no kids menus because there is pizza and pasta. Heres a link to the new menu.
The service is very nice they come to your table as soon as they have time, but the one thing is they do not take reservations under six. The restaurant is very elegant because there is a brick oven, and a bar. You can see them make pizza. I would recommend you going because everybody is very kind, don’t care if you watch them make pizza. The best seating is the table in front of the fire.
To conclude this I think that everybody who likes Italian food should go there. Their service is very nice and the food comes very quickly, you do not need to wait a long time. The time when it’s the worst time to come is six to six-thirty.