Have you ever been to Texas?  Well let me tell you why you should go, to Huston Texas because it has great food and great places to go  if you like than Texas is the place to go people.


The food is the best because it has lots of barbecue food  and many more. My favorite barbecue restaurant is called Good Company Barbecue. If you want Mexican food go to Good Company taquara, if you want seafood go to Good  Company Seafood.  My favorite place to get food is Benjamin it has very good sandwich once I had one that had breHomemade and Hand-Delivered.ad, chicken, tomato, lettuce potato chips and more chicken it was so good  . The food they’re is very nice.  It’s delicious you should go there if you like Italian food.


Some of the best place to is the children’s museum of Houston Many activities like an obstacle course that goes up and up till you reach a hundred feet. There are also many activities if you like to invest, you can make all sorts of models of plans with. Paper , glue , straw and strings with a test glider that has a big tunnel of air so your invention will go up to the top and the down.


To conclude this now you know why Texas is a great place to visit it has great places and great food. It is not at all what people think.