In this book response I will be talking about “because of Mr. Terup”, by Rob Bu-yea. I’d give this book about four and a half because it is a  very unique book. It’s end has a very surprising ending because something bad happens. The name of the title is all lowercase because Mr. Terup is very loose teacher and lets thing go, he has a way of learning. The genre of the book is realistic fiction I know this because it could happen in life there are no mythical creatures. The book is about a new teacher whose name is Mr. Terup, there are students that are all different students. Class clown, Drama Queen, New Girl, farmer, parents who want him to attend prep school, the smart one  and the shy girl. All in the same class needs to learn to work together but when there teachers in the hospital what are they going to do.  See the people’s perspective of why they are like this and how they feel about the situation.

            In the book because of Mr. Terupt,  Mr. Terupt  is very let kids do what they want I know this because. When the class earned they’re party they went outside and Mr. Turept got hurt I’m not going to tell you how because, I don’t want to give away the book. Another example is when, the class was doing guess how long the field was Jeffrey hit some of the girls and Mr. Terupt don’t do anything about it that was two examples of how he is loose.

To could this now you know a little bit more about the book read it and find out how if Mr. Terupt  lives or not?