Today in this post I will be talking about going Kayaking. Did you know that the life vest is not going to save your life it can suffocate you, if you put it on incorrectly.  It’s actually not called a life vest it is called  a personal flotation device (PFD).  



              There are many different kinds of boats. The Jaxson, White Water, Stand Up Paddle board and touring boat.  It was very interesting because I never been kayaking in the Scarsdale Pool before.   Here’s what I did, there was a main pool that had two floats we had to go around them two or three times then hand it off to the next person.


          Wet Exit is a  capsize.  Here’s how you do it, at the end you stay in the Kayak and put your head to your knees and violently  shift back and forth, eventually you will fall off and go into the water.  You need to take your  Kayak  out of the water so the  Kayak will not get filled with water. 


             Kayaking is very fun so when you go,  make sure to try all of these things.