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Technology post #4

Soldering! Recently in technology we have been soldering. Our project was making solder people. For this project, the solder person could be doing whatever action you would like it to. For mine, I did my solder person shooting a basketball. This was not n easy task, not only did I have to shape the arms in a certain way, but I had to solder a basketball together, for the person to hold. Additionally, during this unit, was Mother’s Day. Because of this, I bent wire to say mom, and soldered it together. Overall, this was a very fun unit and I can’t wait to solder again!

Technology post #3

Lately in technology we have been working on making switches! It has been a very fun and interesting unit. At first it was a bit challenging, but it is getting easier and easier as we are going on in the unit. This was because we had to come up with three completely different switches. But once I had three ideas, it was very fun to start creating them. I really enjoyed this project, and hope to do more like it soon!

Technology Post #2

 Self Driving Cars

Recently in technology class, we have been talking and learning about self-driving cars. This unit has been very interesting, and one of the most interesting parts of this unit, is how many pros and cons there are. Here are some of them:


  • can drive those who have a disability, for example if you’re blind
  • can drive injured people around, for example someone with a broken leg
  • less accidents
  • less traffic


  • could breakdown
  • could get hacked

Bye for now!

Technology Post 1

Hi again,

it is the start of  a new quarter at Scarsdale Middle School, and my quaterly is technology! Since it is the beginning of a new quarter, my class and I have not started a project yet. But, we played a really fun game yesterday, breakout. If you have ever done an ¨escape the room¨, you would know would this activity was. My class and I had to find clues around the room, to then open a box, and in the box was a sheet of paper saying ¨you have finished!¨Overall, this activity was very enjoyable and I would definitely do it again!

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe #2

In the story “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by C.S. Lewis, I think the book revolves around trust. Right now in the book, there are many problems and it seems that they never would have happened if Edmund trusted Lucy in the beginning of the story. It all started when Edmund didn’t believe Lucy about the wardrobe. Then he met the White Witch and got tricked by her into helping her and now he doesn’t know what to do next.

At first when Edmund didn’t believe Lucy, all the other siblings came into the wardrobe and checked for Narnia just to humor her. Then we found out that the wardrobe only works when it’s raining outside. Lucy was right and she knew that but Edmund and all the other siblings didn’t believe her and though she was lying. So after much discussion between the two, Edmund didn’t want to fight about it anymore so he decided to try it thinking he was right even though he wasn’t. Edmund’s perspective of the story was much worse than Lucy’s because the whole time Lucy knew she was right while Edmund thought he was right but actually wasn’t. Then, just to be spiteful, Edmund started teasing Lucy at every moment he got, just to be spiteful.

After Edmund finally jumped into the wardrobe he discovered what Narnia was. Suddenly, when he was just walking and discovering the different parts of Narnia, someone, not a normal person, came up to him. She was the White Witch of Narnia. All that she did was bribe people to be with her and always try to get people to do their best to protect her. In this case the White Witch bribed Edmund with turkish delight and got him inseparable from it and to keep Edmund on her side she kept on giving him more turkish delight. By doing this it has pulled Edmund into many more bad “traps.”

Overall if Edmund just believed Lucy about the wardrobe he wouldn’t have been caught up in all the crazy problems ,and he also wouldn’t have gotten all the turkish delight that he can’t get enough of.

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

In the book “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe,” by C.S Lewis I think that a big problem, that lead to many more problems, is that Lucy went to Narnia and none of her siblings were believing her about it, though it was true. That was a huge problem because it made her siblings want to go to into the wardrobe to see if Narnia was real or not and that caused problems from there.

This affected the characters in a big way because it caused lots of commotion throughout the siblings and many emotions to like surprise and disbelieve.. For example, since Edmund didn’t believe Lucy about Narnia, he went there and faced problems that he wouldn’t have had to face if he just stayed at the professor’s house like he was supposed to. While he was in Narnia he was walking around when he saw the White Witch and was getting tricked by her to eat the turkish delight.

In that situation I thought that the White Witch had power. I thought she had the power because she was tricking Edmund while he had no idea that she was doing it. In his mind, the White Witch was beautiful and amazing, though she really wasn’t. The White Witch also had power because she knew about Narnia while Edmund didn’t know a thing about it and how to escape and get back to the professor’s house. Not only that, the White Witch have the power on Edmund and partly Lucy too. She also had power on all of Narnia, whenever she wanted to she could just turn Narnia into winter when no one even deserved it.

Overall, Lucy got Edmund into some problems but they weren’t even her fault. Someone has to do something about the White Witch, otherwise she will figure out a way to be able to control something else just like she can with turning Narnia into winter.

Capstone #2 – Choosing a Main Inquiry Question and Sub Questions

Capstone is moving on! We’re on to picking our main inquiry question and 5-6 sub questions. I thought it would be really easy, but… it was very challenging.


After a lot of thinking , I decided to switch topics. I did this  because I didn’t know how much information I would be able to find during the span of 7-8 weeks on my first topic, which was…. I thought about what else I was interested in and interior design and scoliosis were my top choices. Then, I finally picked interior design. I chose interior design over scoliosis because I was more interested in it and I had an idea of a site visit and interview.  I felt way more confident in the project with interior designing because of that.


It came time to create a main inquiry question. It was way harder than I thought it would be. It can’t just be a question like“What is interior designing?” because that would be too simple. Then I thought, “What is the process of designing a space?” and that wasn’t even enough. I turned it in and I was still told that I needed to extend that and add an “and’’ to the end of the sentence. Then finally, after all of that I came up with “What’s the process behind designing a space and what are the different roles individuals have?” It seemed right because I fully understood the question and it seemed like I could get enough information to answer it.


But it still didn’t end there. I still had to make 5 or 6 sub questions. The sub questions are created to help answer your main inquiry question. For example, for my question, “What’s the process behind designing a space and what are the different roles individuals have?” a sub question might be “What are the most important roles of designing a space,” as that would help me answer part of my question.


Overall, creating the questions are much harder than they seem.

Capstone #1 – Choosing a Topic

Choosing a topic

. Capstone is finally starting! Capstone is a project that all of fifth grade does. You pick one topic then pick one question about that topic to focus on. It is a really big project and takes up to 7-8 weeks.

I was very excited until I realized I had no topic in mind. Then, I got a homework assignment where I had to write down a few things I was interested in. I wrote sports and technology.  After that a huge idea popped up in my head.  Technology! I thought about it that night and then a question came up that I was thinking about. “How does technology move so quickly?” For example if you send a text, call someone, send a follow request on an app/social media or even just connect with someone on a game it goes through withing seconds. Before capstone even started I always though about this when I was doing one of the things listed. I am very passionate about my topic and hopefully there is a lot to research about.

Social Issues

There are so many social issues and I think that one of the worst ones is bullying. Bullying can happen in so many different ways. It can be cyber-bullying on social media, rude texts and calls, and even in person. This issue is really important to stop because it is happening so much everywhere!

There is no point of bullying and nothing good comes out of it. It is  one, or multiple people doing or saying rude things to others. It shouldn’t impacts the bully in anything other than being guilty and it impacts the person the bully bullying in a terrible way.

Bullying is a huge problem today. So many kids have social media and phones so once they put something mean on the internet it stays forever. Also, one mean word that comes out of someones mouth can change a lot, not always in a good way. I know that bullying is still happening today because I see it so much. I see it at recess at school and all over the internet. It’s not good!

SpaceX Launch

The SpaceX just launched a rocket called Falcon Heavy, on Tuesday, February 7, 2018. It was really exciting because it was the first ever rocket to be previously used and cargo capsule on the same mission. That proved that rockets can be successfully reused. Also, the rocket was also able to land. That is not something that happens much. The launch will be reducing the price of launches. That will help space exploration because the rockets are almost at an affordable price. If rockets are more affordable there will be more going into space.

I feel that the the Falcon Heavy is incredible. It is the worlds most powerful rocket! Also SpaceX is always thinking of new ways to improve and make new and old rockets. That is important because rockets will be more helpful to scientists and maybe humans can even go in them. That would be a big improvement from where spaceX is now.

I’m still wondering how the creators of Falcon Heavy came up with these exact ideas. Did they have to make a lot of choices? Was it easy? Did they have something in mind they were thinking about doing? In the beginnig of the creating how long did they think it would take them? I’m also wondering how they thought of the idea to put a Tesla in the rocket?