May 11



Art is one of my great passions. It’s soothing, calm, and you will never be timed or rushed. Just take a piece of paper and draw whatever your mind puts you too. I love doing that because it gives me a time to relax and compose myself. If you really come to enjoy art, I would recommend taking some art lessons like me. Sooner or later you will be an official artist. Drawing landscapes, cities, buildings, mountains, and much more beautiful sites to see.

Art is not only just drawings there is also water color regular painting, folk art, sketching, and way more different ways of art.      


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6 thoughts on “Art

  1. lstreicher25

    Dear Leo,
    I really like your writing because art is like all you do and I did not know that their were that many kinds of tips of art.

    – Lilly

  2. nauerbach25

    Hi leo I think art is amazing and I love your art! As Pablo Picasso once said “Every child is an artist”.

  3. mcha25

    I love art too! I also like that it calms you down it makes me happy but still calm. what is your favorite way to do art i like to look at a picture and try to draw it.

  4. ewaxman25

    Hi Leo,
    I really like art too! I like using gel pens. Do you? What is your favorite thing to draw? I like drawing portraits and drawing my name in many different ways.

  5. mdavies25

    Hi Leo, it’s me, Matan! Your post was amazing! I like the words that you chose in your post, they really showed who you are. I used to love art! But then I stopped. This post is making me think about maybe going back to loving art again! Can you write some different passions? I think how this post went, your passions might be really interesting! Nice job on your post!


    Some of my favorite memories, are sitting as a family and drawing together. Remember when we taught ourselves how to draw portraits/faces with the art book we bought? After that, your sketches have been extremely realistic


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