May 16

Sophia’s war


Sophia’s war is written by Avi. It takes place in NYC during the revolutionary war. Sophia is a proud patriot and so is her brother fighting for freedom. She and her family were caught in the quartering act. A British Soldier had to live with them. After all, she and her family thought he wasn’t that bad. For his elegance, and especially his charming smile made Sophia fall in love with John Andre. One day, as Sophie walked about with John, she saw it, right there in front her eyes, her brother beat up and going to jail with all the other thousand rebel prisoners. She tried to pretend not to notice, but it was too hard. “Wiliam!” She yelled. He didn’t notice.  “Sophia, what is up?” asked Andre.  “William!” Then later on in the book Sophia gets enough money to meet her brother sadly when she got there a young British soldier sadly told Sophia he died two days ago. Three years later Sophia notices that a guy is following her finally one day as she walked home the suspicious man whispered in her ear, “I knew who your brother was”, “And I know you want to work for the rebels.” “And I can get you that job you want,” Sophia thought about what this guy said. The next day Sophia told him it’s a deal. Soon enough she starts her job and starts to work for John Andre. I chose this book because it is entertaining, and I love the genre Historical Fiction. I think the life lesson in this book is never give up, and oh yeah I forgot, I didn’t finish telling you the whole book so if your still intrested, buy the book, and read it!    

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3 thoughts on “Sophia’s war


    I plan on reading the book over the summer while you are at camp.
    I will write to you about it. I am sure I’ll love it as much as you did!

  2. kassatly

    Leo- I LOVED your book review. Great work! You made it sound very exciting. I will continue to read it aloud to my fourth graders.


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