June 20

Different tipes of Octopuses

Your diving in the the sea, just off the coast of Lembeh, a perfect Island. As you get closer, and closer to the bottom of the ocean you notice a conch shell. To curious, you flip it over. Ahh there is a living thing in there! That’s not a conch, it’s a cocunut octupus. It’s wierd name comes from it’s habit of hiding in old cocunuts shells.

Octopuses can change color too, when the Octopus relaxes the muscles around the the sac, it can produce colors and patterns such as stripes or spots.

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June 16

Breakout EDU

Breakoutedu was a very fun game. We took risks but never gave up. Next time I would have liked it better if we worked more as a team. But other than that I had a lot of fun trying to break codes to open the box. At first I didn’t even think that there was a prise inside the box, but there turned out to be candy! Not only that but there was also hershi kisses too!

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June 16

Kayaking trip


When you think about a kayaking trip, I would bet you that your first guess would not be that you went with your class during school. It was a site to see relaxing in a kayak in a 94 degree weather. I tried out every kayaking boat you think of, and as bonus we got to go on the stand up paddle board.