June 16

Breakout EDU

Breakoutedu¬†was a very fun game. We took risks but never gave up. Next time I would have liked it better if we worked more as a team. But other than that I had a lot of fun trying to break codes to open the box. At first I didn’t even think that there was a prise inside the box, but there turned out to be candy! Not only that but there was also hershi kisses too!

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2 thoughts on “Breakout EDU

  1. mdavies25

    Hi Leo! Great job on your post! I could imagine how much fun you had because of your details in your post. I have one question, what was your favorite part in Breakout EDU? I would really like to know so that in the next time that I do Breakout EDU, I can look out for the best part of the 45 minutes that we to open the box in Breakout EDU. Bye!

  2. ewaxman25

    Hi Leo,
    I agree with you that next time we should work together more, but was also really fun. Would you want to do Breakout EDU again? I would want to do it again.


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