June 20

Different tipes of Octopuses

Your diving in the the sea, just off the coast of Lembeh, a perfect Island. As you get closer, and closer to the bottom of the ocean you notice a conch shell. To curious, you flip it over. Ahh there is a living thing in there! That’s not a conch, it’s a cocunut octupus. It’s wierd name comes from it’s habit of hiding in old cocunuts shells.

Octopuses can change color too, when the Octopus relaxes the muscles around the the sac, it can produce colors and patterns such as stripes or spots.

Image result for Coconut octopus

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5 thoughts on “Different tipes of Octopuses

  1. kassatly

    Cool post, Leo! I would have been frightened. I can hear your voice in your writing. Don’t ever lose that.

  2. tmacmillan26

    Dear Leo,
    I never heard the name ‘coconut octopus’. It sounds pretty cool. Also I never knew the island, ‘Lembeh’ ever existed. ‘Conch’ as well as ‘coconut octopus’ and ‘Lembeh’ is a new name for me. I’ve learned a bunch of cool (kinda weird – the coconut octopus thing) information from reading this post. Thanks. 😀

    (P.S. ‘tipe’ is spelled ‘type’)

  3. rvora26

    Dear Leo,

    Wow. This post is very interesting! If I saw a coconut octopus I’d probably freak out if it was just hiding under a coconut shell. The photo you chose of the coconut octopus was cool because it showed it inside of an old coconut shell. I like that you said that you would think it would look like a conch shell if you didn’t know what’s under it. The fact about the octopus blending into the color of the coconut was cool. Overall I thought this is a great blog post. Great job.


  4. aolivieri26

    Leo, I really liked your post it reminded me from when I was in 1st grade and me and my group made poster on octopi, did you know the only solid part of an octopus’s body is its beak? Ps this is 1 or 2 years after this was posted. Later. ps2 why do coconut octopuses hide in coconut shells?;);)

  5. bhandwerger26

    Dear Leo,

    I really like your blog. You know octopus are really smart.
    Do you like octopi? I think they are pretty cool. I learned about octopi when I was 2? Did you every study them? I have never studied them but I know a lot about them.

    From Brody


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